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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't grip!

Posted from my ipod so please excuse fumbling fingers!

Revelation # whatever:

Dont grip! I finally stopped gripping at a trot (posting) and it was
magical... I felt like a rubber band going up and magically!

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to TRULY stop gripping. I could
have SWORN I was not gripping before but obviously...

My trainer said that it's kind of like not having knees an she's
right, I feel like I have feet (with heels pointing down) but I
literally feel like I'm bypassing my knees and I can't feel them! I
felt like a horse hock-light and springy and rubbery, where as before
I felt more like a foreleg (this totally doesn't make sense but
hopefully you get my feeling). It was literally effortless. Obviosly
I'm trying WAY too hard at rides to post and I bet I would be a LOT
less sore and chafed if I can POSSIBLE put this into practice for more
than a 20 meter circle or two.

What I want to know is....when I stop gripping at the canter, how
magical will THAT be? :)

My motto is now, as I go around the arena (and down the trail), is
don't grip don't grip don't grip don't grip.

Yes, if you see me on the trail, you are welcome to, as a way of
greeting, yell at me "DONT GRIP!"

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  1. if i see u on the trail i want to sing "just dont grip" to the tune of "jut keep swimming" from Finding Nemo!! :)

  2. Hmmm....I'm gonna try that! Could be why I get rubs from saddle.



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