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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good news!

I got a call back from renegade today and it seems like we may have a very simple answer to my boot problems -

Why I lost the Right Front: - Farley's foot has outgrown her boots.
Even though you can stuff a foot into a boot doesn't mean it fits... :)

Why I lost the Left Front: There's also the possiblity that a cut back is needed for her LF. When she said that I remembered that I had cut back her yellow pair for the LF....but not the burgandy or black pair I used at American river.....

Why I lost the hind boots: As far as losing hind feet - those boots might need to be cut back too! Even though there's no foot to pull it off from behind, it can get caught in rocks and yanked off that way. This was the first truly rocky ride I did so it makes sense that this problem wouldn't manifest itself until now.

So in summary - my awful boot experiences at American River may be very fixable. I'm off to send pictures and info to the ever-helpful Gina to confirm our suspecions. She was so patient with me and gave me a lot of her time this afternoon. She also talked me through why she is not recomending glueons and why I should stick with strap ons. I can't speak highly enough of renegades customer service and how they really believe in, and confirm through their actions, the importance of hoof health, barefoot, and designing a product that works.

My lack of attention to detail and probably got me in trouble at American River.

Hopefully in the 3 weeks between now and Wild west I can get my boot collection in ship shape.

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  1. Gina is such a sweetie. I too need to cut down the back of my pair of Rens to make it so that the captivator can snug up against Roo's heels.

    Curious - why is she advising against glue-ons?


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