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Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Human!

I’m human again!

Well, almost.

The chipmunk is gone, as are the various discharges leaking out of my face. Now I’m dealing with the side effects of being given massive doses of cortisteriods. A much preferable dilemma to be sure, but notable nevertheless.

For example – I’m a cold person. I’m ALWAYS cold and I deal with the heat very well. Now, I’m beet red ALL THE TIME and have hot flashes.


It’s rather novel.

And then there’s the increase in heart rate which I suspect is making it hard to sleep.

And the fact that I’ve managed to sunburn my face and neck by simply walking from the office, across the parking lot, to the rental car.

On the other hand the poison oak on my face now looks like all the internet pictures. The more I research, the more I realize that going from perfectly normal to a swollen, highly liquid state in less than 48 hours is NOT A NORMAL REACTION. It’s just normal for me. No wonder the doctors look at me in disbelievement when I tell them it was poison oak. My fear now is that I will tell my regular doctor what happened and they will think I’m exaggerating and not give me the preventative/rapid reaction drugs that I think I need to have on hand the next time I’m exposed. I really should have taken pictures like my mom suggested. I’m not sure they are going to accept my jello and chipmunk picture as evidence….

Interestingly, 48 hours after a massive dose of Celestone, it’s not causing the poison oak to go away like promised, it’s just controlling it to the point it looks like a “normal” reaction. I’m fine with that.

Plan for the future:

• Ivy block for preventative
• Technu for after-exposure
• Epipen or steroids in hand if swelling starts and I can’t get to the doctor right away (I may easily be in a situation where it would take me 24-48 hours to see a doctor).

Ah – the adventures of being an e-rider! Worth every minute of discomfort….I swear. You believe me don’t you?! Five days of pain and misery in exchange for 12-24 hours of joyous trail riding?????

(Post written on Friday).

Saturday update:
After 14 hours of sleep in my real bed, now I truly am human again….Maybe. I’ll let you know. I reviewed the pictures my mom took at American river and me and Farley both look so happy and it’s so beautiful. Farley looks like she’s having FUN. Almost enough to make me want to go back next year…..

Just kidding. I think


  1. Yay, glad to hear you're feeling better!

    I don't think the kind of drugs that will help you with your allergies are abusable, so I wouldn't worry TOO much about the doctors not believing you. Don't borrow trouble!

  2. Next time, swing by and let me photo document it. I'll get it from every angle. I won't mind at all (heh heh).

  3. geeze mom, only *you* could make that sound so creepy


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