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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dressage pictures

Phooey! I left my show story at home!
You'll have to be content with post-show pictures for now.
Overall the show went very well. A photographer from my barn came, so I'll have riding pictures later. My show clothes fit and feel great so I'm curious to see how the whole "picture" looked (because I dressed at the show I never got to look in the mirror, so I have NO IDEA how I actually look!).

Here's Farley at the start of the show. *sigh* The whole "big head" look because I wanted her to face the camera...Notice the pretty tail!

Post-show picture with my bounty! In this picture Farley is attempting to eat my red ribbon. It was the funniest thing - she could NOT leave the ribbons alone. At first I thought she was going for the prize carrots, but nope, she wanted the ribbons! (BTW, these pictures are really really big - I didn't compress - so if you want to see the details of her conditioning, click on the pic to make larger. You can compare to her previous condition posts here)

Finally, a decent picture of both of us looking reasonably happy. Even though the day started off sunny, it quickly turned breezy and cool (and later rained) so both of us were happy to hop in the trailer and go home.
Farley's just losing the last of her winter coat so she has an odd patchwork thing going on!
Story and ride pics soon! As you can see from the my "bounty", the show went reasonably well.


  1. Very nice! Congrats!
    El and Am were at a show Saturday also, in Exeter (Am's first!) and I sponsored Finn in 2 leadline classes where he got 4th place ribbons! El got 1 first and Amelia got 3 firsts, 1 in trail! Although she was the only rider in english 8 and under and in trail 8 and under, she did everything correctly. In trail the course was identical to the open and the age classes except no cantering through the cones, just trotting. She kept closing the mailbox door and it kept opening again! She was awesome.

  2. Was it a pony club show or an open/rated show? I bet Finn was very very cute! :)

  3. Mel-

    A big congrats on your show win! But I have to say, we're all dying to see Farley in all her dressage glory!



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