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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Everything But the Kitchen Sink....

Or maybe only the kitchen sink! What have you forgotten to bring to a ride/horse show/civil war event?

For today's post I'm shameless borrowing the topic from Equine Ink's blog.

Trail ride/Endurance ride/Horse Show -
My sister once forgot her helmet and her saddle blanket (I know - not fair to talk about other people...). I'm usually super prepared AND I board so ALL my stuff is stored in my trailer. Very difficult to forget anything that way. I'm sure other people have good stories though!

Civil War Reenactment
My pants. Yep - got to the event with no pants
My boots. Very painful to ride an artillery team with no boots. I do not recommend it.
My instrument. Showed up at a civil war band performance with no horn....very inconvenient.

I have a couple of things in the works - surprises! But I'm waiting for everything to "gel" in my mind before I make any public announcements. Don't worry - they are all good things!


  1. Done the saddle pad thing at a horse show before! Fortunately, my best friend had an extra one, and it happened to be a match to my forgotten one!

  2. last show I did (last month).. i completely forgot my grooming bag ... fortunately my buds came to the rescue...

    musta had a more "nervous brain" going than i thought :)


  3. Has anyone been so busy loading up stuff in their truck and trailer that pulled out of the driveway without their horses?

  4. Girth. Yup, riding 50 miles without one would have been VERY awkward (especially on The Toad). Fortunately, somebody had an extra.


    I have also loaned out EZ Boots, water bottles, helmets, saddle pads, and food. Didn't get the food back but everything else was returned promptly!

  5. That sure jogged a memory - I showed up at a rainy ride without a rump rug, any kind of rain gear and someone let me borrow both. Then I had a stirrup break at the lunch point of a 55 mile ride and lady who was pulled leant me hers.

    I once didn't get my crew bag loaded in teh truck in time and did a ride without a crew bag at the hold - someone lent me food and hay etc. At the same ride (it was a multiday) the person that had shared forgot HER crew bag and I got to share! LOL


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