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Friday, June 5, 2009

So yesterday Farley's 10 day vacation after Wild West was officially done. I had planned on doing a bit of riding.

The thunder storm clouds rolled in both literally and figuratively and I decided what would soothe the soul would be a quick (kind of) 5 mile run with Farley.

Both of us were a wee bit grumpy and I was definitely stressed (work related). Yes, riding relieves stress, but at a certain level of stress it becomes counterproductive to ride. I never have a bad run and with the wind whipping up, it was the better option.

Ever notice that after you get done running you never think to yourself "I wish I hadn't run today". It's always a good day for a run. I've had rides that I was miserable after, but never a run. If I have the choice between riding in the arena, or going for a run with my horse, I usually chose the run.

If the choice is trail riding/conditioning or running that's another matter!

I am weaker than my horse so it's not a bad thing that I chose running - the better shape I'm in, the better I can help my horse on the trail. Running with Farley allows her to get out and get some movement, continue to build a relationship with me, with a reduced risk of injury and wear and tear. It's a win-win situation!


  1. I have never taken my horse out for a run. That is how you can tell I am not a 100 miler.

  2. that made me laugh outloud - thank you - I needed that.

  3. You mean everybody doesn't talk on the phone like that?? Well, there's hope for you yet if you enjoyed a nice long conversation ;)

    Grats on the new saddle!

  4. Im emailing you, you said to drop a comment if emailing, so yeah here it is lol.

  5. Im emailing you, you said to drop a comment if emailing, so yeah here it is lol.


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