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Monday, June 1, 2009

Wild West Camp Set up

Here's the whole two pictures I took at Wild West......Camp set up!

Farley loved standing by the tree. It was like she was pretending she wasn't tied to the trailer. "See, I'm here by my own free will!" I got many many compliments on her yellow halter.

This was how I decided to camp. I bought a "first up" from Walmart on sale and set it up over my pick up bed. I'm standing on the horse side, on top of a stump. My truck bed walls are so high, it's difficult to see in when you are on the ground, offering plenty of privacy. An air mattress, sleeping bag, and down comforter completed the sleep arrangements. If I wanted to check on my horse, I just had to lift up my head. On the other side of my trailer was a plastic camping "kitchen" and chairs under the excess awning.

Why liked this set up:
1. I still had the visibility of seeing my horse, as if I was in a tent with an open door
2. I didn't have to bend over to dig through my suitcase
3. I didn't have to crawl out of a tent
4. It's easier to sweep out the back of a truck than the inside of a tent
5. With the air flow, my allergies didn't bother me
6. I still had privacy.
7. There was ZERO room to set up a tent in my tiny camping spot.
8. Did I mention the convenience and the lack of bending over?
9. It was easy for Mom to find my camping spot "look for the easy up thing over the truck bed"

1. Hard to set up and take down by yourself.
2. First up is heavier and bulkier than a tent to store (mine has taken up residence in the bed of my truck, underneath the tool box.

When I get pictures of my actually riding from my Mother, I'll post some of them. I made a conscious decision NOT to take pictures at this ride because I didn't want to be distracted on the trail and detract from the enjoyment of just enjoying the ride. This ride is very special to me - all the rides I attend, this is really my "vacation" or "get away" ride. I didn't want anything to intrude on that feeling (and that includes taking pictures on the trails - sorry!).


  1. Nice and interesting post here.. keep it up..

  2. interesting set up- I like it. It amazes me how this endurance sport creates some creativity when figuring out the camping with horses things


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