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Monday, June 29, 2009

Wild West Pictures

Here's the long promised pictures from Wild West. Jonna - the saddle in these pictures is the Duett.

The pics of me in the pink shirt are day 1. The pics of me in the blue tights are day 2.

Arriving into the away lunch check on Day 1.

Offering Farley a piece of granola bar.

Heading out from lunch

Mounting up on day 2 (thanks mom)

Jogging into the lunch check in camp.

Refilling syringes at lunch. You can see the plastic sqeeze bottles in the corner of the pic that I use to hold the premixed elytes. The opening is big enough I just squeeze it into the syringes. Voila!

At the finish. It was a tough ride after lunch - lots of open, exposed gravel jeep road that went up up up and then down down down. I did quite a bit on foot.

Final vet in.

Thanks Mom - it's wonderful when you attend my rides and take photos!

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