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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Boots, boyfriend's, and races - oh my!

I have a LOT to tell everyone! Here's a preview of what's coming up:

Did a conditioning rides using Renegades on Farley's fronts. I LOVED them. Absolutely zero issues. Walked, cantered, trotted. Over rocks and up and down hills. These were boots I originally bought for Minx's hinds and kept after she passed away because I was fairly certain they would fit Farley. FINALLY she's barefoot and I got to try them out.

Got my boyfriend/best friend of 10 years to go on a trail ride with me. He got on the horse and after 12 years of not riding looked like a natural. We even cantered on the trail and did a LOT of trotting. He obviously has "feel". *sigh*

Tomorrow I run a 10 mile race with my brother. The last time I ran 10 miles would be last year when I ran this race.....

Last but not least and what's really important - When I went to Farley's pen to halter her, even after her so very witchy arena ride the day before - she nickered at me, walked up, nuzzled me and impatiently waited for me to halter her. Obviously I'm not pushing her too hard. I'll keep an eye on her attitude and back off as soon as I see signs, but for now I think she's enjoying the new challenge even if she's practicing evasiveness while executing the out-of-reach-perfect- 20 meter round thing.


  1. I heard Tristi-boy talking about running with you...where was it?
    What horse did you put M on?

  2. These are all good things, gal!

    Have fun with your 10-mile race.

  3. YAY! I finally got sassy barefoot, and am loving the changes! i was using the old easyboots, with the cables, but ordered a set of the gloves today! Have fun on your race, for Xcountry we had a race on the North shore and it was SOOOO HOT AND DRY!

    Have fun and see you at a ride son, maybe :)

  4. All good things! How on earth did you talk your boyfriend into riding with you though? I have a feeling that plenty of woman would be curious about that. And wow...10!

  5. Yes....I'm not alone! Phebes thought the work was all great fun yesterday, TODAY AT HOME....not so much :>( At least you are someone sharing the misery of dual hors-a-nality.

    And where are the pictures from your trail ride (boyfriend/best friend)?

  6. Congrats! I keep threatening my boyfriend with a trail ride, but still don't have second horse to ride, so for now he is safe!
    You'll have to tell me your boot secrets, I really want to put them on Lucy but can't get them to fit.
    Although I was using easyboots.

  7. Sorry JB....I'm using renegades! easy on, easy off. and they only come off when I want them too.... LOL


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