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Friday, September 4, 2009

In the Spirit of Giving

Based on my earlier post, I thought I might pass along my favorite websites for daily perusing of used tack.

Bay Equestrian Network:
***Absolutely, hands down, the best place to find general used tack in California. There's also a southern california sister site. Most sellers will ship, so you non-California people, check it out!
***A great site for keeping abreast of current endurance news, the e-mail list "ridecamp" etc, but for now we are just talking about the classifieds - wonderful classifieds. I have found some great deals on endurance equipment here. Even if you don't ride endurance, you can find some quality equipment here for a good price. I've listed stuff for sale here and on Bayequest before and I've always sold it through

The 2 other sites I keep an eye on but don't necessarily check out daily are:
Chubby Pony:
***A consignment shop. I've never actually purchased anything from them because I've found it elsewhere. The site doesn't seem to be updated very often, but if you are looking for something specific, I would call them.

Saddles and More:
A great site based out of New York (I think). I have ordered several times from her and the items always arrive in good condition and well packed. This is my main source for riding pants. I'm not sure how often this is updated. She responds quickly to e-mails. Occasionally she puts an ad in to advertise her site and will give free shipping to anyone in California who mentions the ad, so keep an eye out. I think she provides great equipment so lately I've been paying the shipping costs, even if I do see the ad so that I can support her and she can continue operations.

Anyone else have a favorite site for used equipment?

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  1. I second bayequest! I have bought, sold and swapped stuff on there and love it! Got two of my horses from there!


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