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Friday, September 4, 2009

Confessions of...

a tack hoarder. *hangs head in shame but can't keep evil grin off face considering the GREAT deals I got yesterday*.

It's a documented fact. I cannot pass up a good deal if it relates to tack. Let's consider a historical example before diving into the present shall we?

The weekend after Minx's death in April I visited my family and lo and behold but there was a tack swap in the area! My dad, sister, and I went to investigate.....Now being well versed in buying used tack, these are my requirements:
  • Tack must be priced at no more than 50% of new price to be an excellent deal. And when I'm at a tack swap I'm looking for excellent deals.
  • I'm not going to bargain. If you give me a ridiculous price, I'm walking away. Period.
  • Do a quick assessment of the entire room THEN go BACK and go through the tables in more detail. You may miss a crucial deal if you wait.
  • Make your decisions quickly. Don't think too much.

Now, I had made my way 1/2 way around the room and Loreleigh and Dad were trailing behind, not quite so bold. (Yes, this is the same sister as from the Bear Story). I started with 20 bucks in my pocket and had already scored: 2 bits, a cooler, 2 pairs of riding tights, a biothane breast collar and then I saw them on the table - half chaps. Now, I don't NEED half chaps. In fact my half chaps are nicer than the ones on the table. But mine will need replacing at the end of this season AND they were only five dollars. I swiped them up. Loreleigh looked a bit crestfallen and Dad looked stunned (but as they wouldn't have fit him, not nearly as disappointed as Loreleigh did....) but hey - I got there first. Of course, Loreleigh was loaded down with my bounty, but it wasn't like she was doing any serious perusing anyways.....

Once home, I gleefully did a victory dance over my pile of loot. I pranced around in the half chaps until guilt over took me and I did the only proper thing - I offered to sell Loreleigh the chaps for the cheap cheap price of $10. A great deal considering the price new! Call it a finders fee.

Mom and Dad were not amused. Loreleigh put on her best pouting face and even though we are both in our 20's, the parents refused to let the invisible hand guide the economics of the situation and Loreleigh got a pair of chaps for $5.

So yesterday I was browsing Bad Bad Bad! This is where I got Farley and I've bought a TON of tack off of there. I've finally stopped looking because I don't NEED anything else. I was looking for a friend - I swear. I saw an ad. Horse person was getting out of horses and liquidating EVERYTHING. The drive was merely 1.5 hours away so last night I high tailed it over there.

Thank goodness that I saw the ad late and much of the stuff had been carted away. I had $100 left in birthday money/other gift money and I was hoping I could score a big pile of stuff and she would just give it to me for $100...and that's what happened. Here's what I got (virtual victory, gloating, hand rubbing dance going on right now).

Irish knit, cooler with irish knit interior, nylon sheet, burlap sheet, fly sheet, 4 saddle pads including a brand new fleece (real!) shaped pad, a pair of fieldboots (ariat), bridle, reins with rubber grips, plus other stuff I can't call to mind.

Now before you call me a greedy, selfish hoarder, I would like to point out that I am more than happy to pass on the good deals I get to others and I often find myself often just giving equipment to friends in need, 4-Her's just starting out etc. Some of the endurance equipment is quite pricey.....(don't google the price of a Haf pad or renegade boots unless you want to have your brain explode) so I try to buy everything else at a discount. I really do love finding a good deal on something. I also don't cringe when my horse destroys something. (Endurance is rough on equipment). So please, if you ever need to borrow something at a ride, stop by!

(off to try and fit everything in my trailer and still have it be safe for my horse to ride in....and be able to GET to my saddle in the tack room).


  1. haha! Horse are a disease! That mankind has yet to find a cure for (Thank goodness!)

    I am horrible about finding saddles that I feel I need to buy, I almost bought an older enduro saddle but it turned out that the seat was too small. Then I found a marciante on ebay for $300 ( didn't ask what the reserve was) and had to have my boyfriend practicly restrain me from inquiring! I wanted this for the horse that I don't ride, and may never ride. I also just bought custom made (by a girl on horseforums) sidepulls for both my horses and my friends, so that doesn't fit in with the discount stuff, but it was still one of those couldn't pass up kind of things! Hehe!
    Have fun with your new tack!

  2. My name is <___> and I have a tack buying addiction....

    Yes, I also suffer from this disease but it's different in my neck of the woods. There is one tack consignment shop in our town and not much there. All of my shopping has to be online, which has it's inherant risks. Unfortunately, there are only a few of us in my area that do endurance so when we have had tack shops, there isn't much draw to carry endurance related merchandise. I love the distance depot or Both are stores that supply new merchandise but they have ok prices.


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