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Friday, September 11, 2009


By the way - the inspiration for my post about "feel" was inspired by a TV show I saw over the weekend called "Chopped". Chefs compete against each other to create the best appetizer, entree, and dessert. There are required ingredients for each dish. One person got high marks for the technical execution of his dishes, but ended up loosing because he lacked that certain "feel". I thought to myself "that's me!". Then I started thinking about what I DID have a natural "feel" for, and even though I do many many hobbies and activities, my list of what I did natural well was very very short.

Like I commented to my mom in the "Feel" post, my purpose in posting self-examination posts is not to fish for compliments or to encourage a pity party. I think it's important to be able to do an honest self-examination and think about things in a different way. My hope is to share and explore an idea or a concept and perhaps prompt someone else to discover something new about themselves. I ENJOY finding out what makes me "tick" and also study the people around me.

Thanks for all your great ideas about developing feel on a horse. I discovered that something as simple as sitting through my transitions allowed me to feel the horse better through the transition and do something as simple as pick up the right diagonal. It's still a challenge and I have to concentrate, but I can see it!


  1. Hey Mel! Lesson #1 is under my belt, and indeed picking up the right diagonal is going to be a real learning curve. In fact, the one lesson today probably taught me more about my riding than all the riding I've done all put together. It is fun to have your riding picked apart for those little "gems" that will make it all so much better. ~E.G.

  2. Aren't lessons great! I don't mind getting picked apart at all - like you I think it's wonderful that my riding can go further in 45 minutes than 3 years of working on my own. And it's usually so simple - by just moving the hand position or reposisitoning the leg, voila! I can't wait to read about your lesson in your blog.

  3. I didn't think that your earlier post about feel was a pity party at all. I have similar posts on my blog. I write to vent about things and if others can relate then it's wonderful.


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