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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The adventure continues

Ah yes - the joys and challenges of a 100 mile race.....and I haven't arrived at ride camp. 
I took my truck in to have the cruise control looked at today.  It stopped working Monday and this was the earliest appointment they had.  Considering my warranty is up is ~1000 miles, I really wanted to get it in before this weekend. 
Fast forward to this morning.  In addition to the cruise going out, I mentioned sometimes it stucks in 4th gear when accelerating onto the freeway with a loaded horse trailer (~ 20-30% of the time).  I got the proverbial pat on the head of when a man is telling a young (short) blonde girl that she really doesn't know what she's talking about and it's shifting just fine.  "Did I know that it revs up higher with a load?"  Grrrrrrrr........
Noon and then 1pm and I haven't heard anything.....I call them.  They call me back.  The looked at my transmission and there's a bunch of "really weird" codes in there and because they can't find the problem with the cruise control they think it's related AND NOW they believe me that it's been shifting funny.  And yes, there is a real problem with the transmission.
They would like to keep it for a couple of days to try and figure out what's wrong.  They need to take the transmission apart.
They offer me a courtesy car. 
I laugh hysterically.
I tell them my situation.
They talk to the tech.
They agree to put it back to together well enough I can drive to Ridgecrest for the 20 MT 100 and then I can take it back to them next week. 
Soooo..........With this much trouble actually getting to the 100.....the actual race itself should go off without a hitch right? 


  1. Right!

    We will all keep saying that for you Mel! It will be our mantra!!

    The great thing about horsey events, is even if something should happen (and nothing will!) horsey people are all so supportive and helpful!

    can't wait for the follow up on the ride!


  2. Right!
    Gotta say I'm excited... I love reading about this adventure!

  3. They say a bad dress rehearsal makes for a good show so I think that you will be all set for only good things at the ride!

  4. Cross fingers, knock wood, and put your lucky bunny foot in your saddle bags just in case. Got your US Rider membership updated?

    Okay, then: GO!

    And have fun, too!

  5. Wishing you well....almost as excited as if I were going :)


    p.s. ditto on US RIDER, gotta have it.

  6. Good luck! I pray the truck gods smile upon you! :-)

  7. Okay, Mel, I've been crossing my fingers for you all weekend!

    Did you make it? Did you finish? Did you have any fun?

  8. There there, Mel, don't worry your young, blond and pretty head about such manly thoughts as "transmission".

    Mel: **beats him over head with manure shovel**

  9. OK Mel, I am now officially dying to hear the details. (no spoilers here!)

  10. OK Mel, I am now officially dying to hear the details. (no spoilers here!)


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