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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random little things

This is likely to be my last post before heading to 20 MT (unless I get inspired and this turns into a too-many-posts day) so it's likely to be slightly random.  You have been forewarned.
Thought #1
My whiny post about my endurance pet peeves got picked up my!  It's only the second one since blog inception (the other post was about a year ago, I think it was titled "Pull Musings".  Now, I know this isn't a HUGE deal - not at all like getting "Blog of Note" - however I'm still excited about the possibility of new people reading my musings.  The unfortunate part is that being at work, I'm not able to edit posts and there were some GLARING errors and awkward sentences in that particular post.  Oh well.  Maybe the title of my blog should be Melinda: Unedited
Thought #2
100's take more stuff.  Or maybe, trying a new distance takes more stuff.  Looking at the pile of stuff on my living room floor last night was vaguely reminiscent of my first 50 - I took everything but the kitchen sink to that ride.  Gradually over the years I've whittled it down to a streamline and highly efficient system where packing literally takes me minutes.  The other reason I'm taking more stuff is that it's winter (comforter, extra jackets, extra clothes, extra food etc.).  And it's going to be COLD.  I hate being cold.  Here's some stuff I'm taking to this ride, that normally I wouldn't take to a 50:
  • Daily contacts.  Since I have to wear them for 24 hours and there's a lot of dirt and grime, for 100's I wear the type of contacts you discard at the end of every day (normally I wear contacts that last 3 months or so).  These are thinner so less likely to irritate my eyes, and are truly disposable.  I learned at Tevis to bring extras!  I tore one in half in the morning and all my extras were in the box for Foresthill.  Fortunately my mom was able to put it in the Robinson crew box at the last minute, but I rode 30+ miles of the trail with only one contact.  Fun fun fun....
  • No-Doze.  I can ride a 50, sleep well (or not well) and be fine to drive home the next day.  Cheery even.  I'm a bit worried about the drive home on Sunday.  I do have plans to pull over and nap if necessary and take my time, but I remember how tired and incoherent I was after my first 50 (race did not allow you to stay over Saturday night so I HAD to drive home) and at Tevis.  In both cases it was only a 30-60 minute drive and I barely made it.  This ride is the furthest drive for me - 5-6 hours minimum - so I want to make sure I can stay alert if I have to for a couple hours until I can find a good place to pull off and get some rest. 
  • Extras of stuff - extra light sources, batteries, clothes, crew bags, food, etc.  It really adds up!
Thought #3
Ice boots.  I have a set of Ice Horse Iceboots that use flexible ice packs in a holder that velcros around the horses lower leg.  They work "OK".  I'm going to experiment with something new.  Idea #1:  Use a product that looks like Ice cubes in a flexible sheet instead of the ice packs.  Idea #2: Use old tube socks with the toes cut off.  Pull one cut-off tube up around leg.  Pull second cut-off tube sock up on top of first sock.  Put the afore mentioned sheet of ice cubes between the socks and fold edges of socks down.  Wet if necessary.  I think this is a cheaper, better way to ice leg!  I'm tired of dealing with the ice packs, which have gotten old and sticky and are going to cost me $8 /piece to replace (=8x4=$32 to continue current system).
Thought #4
Warrants its own blog post because it's too long to post here....
Thought #5
I think too much
Thought #6
Also needs its own blog post.


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