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Friday, February 19, 2010


You have GOT to be KIDDING!!!!!!
This week has been a glorious orgy of spring weather - sunny, warm, trees a'bloomin' and ponies a'shedding
Imagine my dismay when I woke up and the ground outside the weather looked especially damp, as if it had RAINED.  Imagine my HORROR when I looked at the sky and saw that nope, it wasn't the sprinkler system that had drenched the ground.  It was raining.  OK - to be perfectly honest those of you living in the swamplands of Washington would probably consider it heavy wet fog, or even misting.  But I tell ya - here in my part of CA if you have to turn on the windshield wipers to wipe away "fog", it's raining. 
Can you guess where my mind leapt next?
That's right
My 100 mile race.  In 7 short days. 
I finally worked up the nerve to look up the weather forecast for the race.
60% chance of showers the day of the race.  30% the day before.
The funny thing is?  I'm not even upset.  Just a funny cross between on-the-verge-hysterical and resigned. 
I tell 'ya my dear little BB's - I had a premonition.  That's right a premonition that this was going to be the year of wet endurance rides, and even though it's been ridiculously spring-like I tracked down a pair of insulated, waterproof riding pants on sale on the Internet in my size.  And bought them.  They came yesterday and I felt ridiculous.  After all, it had been practically in the 70's all week.
I no longer feel ridiculous. 
I feel vindicated.
Take that you nasty little weather demons!  Ha!
Now, I'm immensely hopeful that the storm changes its mind.  Desert showers are notorious for arriving late to dinner or too early to be polite.  But if it doesn't, Farley and I will still be out there, and we will be prepared!
BTW - the pants I bought are EOUS "Snowdonia" pants.  Healthy as a Horse carries them. (I bought them from an online vendor who now longer stocks them - Horse Studio)  I rode in them last night and they are WONDEFUL and have many of the features of the more expensive brands such as Mountain Horse, for half the price. 
I highly recommend Healthy as a Horse as a vendor.  They were especially helpful when I ordered my Haf pad from them recently and made sure I would get it in time for 20 MT.  John personally called me several times to make sure I knew when it was shipping, address verification (UPS wasn't recognizing my addy) etc.  The level of customer service was SUPERB and their shipping costs very reasonable. 


  1. Wonderful! I'm glad the pants fit and they work out for you!

  2. I won't call you a sissy.

    If you drop out of that 100 because you might get rained on, I would call you a weenie-butt. But since you've planned ahead for a rainy ride season, maybe you won't have one!

    Fingers are crossed for you.

    (BTW, it was sunny and 60+ today here in the Swamp.)

  3. They say the only way to make sure it wont rain is to bring an umbrella. I hope it does not rain on you, but it sounds like you are prepared even if it does.

  4. Aarenex you are exactly the motivation I need. Far be it fore to wimp out now! Being accused of being a wimp is obviously unacceptable.

  5. hey--you know you can do it!

  6. Great photo!

    Check out this presentation on eventing & leg protection


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