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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Could it be??????

It's Spring!!!!!  It's spring it's spring it's SPRING.
*ducking to avoid the snowballs hurled at me by more unfortunatly located BB's (BlogBuddies)*
Now, I KNOW next year when I start moping about the awfulness of winter, I'm going to zero sympathy, but I just can't help myself.  What a wonderful day! 
Driving to my stable, past the multitude of orchards.....I saw.....white buds!  The trees are starting to bud out! 
Just maybe there would finally be enough daylight after work to do what I've been waiting all these long, dark, rainy months to do (I mean "month" as singular of course) - go for a run with my precious little pony. 
There was!  I got the loveliest 3 mile run with Farley, our first of the year, right before sunset.  She was a bit....animated, but I obviously LOVED getting out with me on the trail, trudging along beside her.  She seemed a little confused about how slow I've gotten, but it will only get better from here. 
Afterwards we split our apple, as is our ritual. 
Just last night I was laying on my livingroom floor, lamenting to my boyfriend over the phone that I was so unmotivated.  That I seemed to have lost the ability to feel insanely happy about a new day, because a new day means fresh starts and new beginnings.  Instead, all days were blurring into each other as pointless, with no hope for a better tomorrow.  This is so unlike me!  I never lose hope that tomorrow will be absolutely fabulous!  I was really worried about my more!  Spring has come and I am down right hysterical with relief. 


  1. I looked out the window and saw white buds or our trees! Oh, wait. It's just more.stinking.snow.

  2. Is Farley shedding out yet? That's my First Sign of Spring. ~C said Dig is starting to shed, so I'm hoping I can make a blizzard of hair soon. :)

    Also, today I noticed it was 5 pm before the sun went behind the western mountains. In December it escaped behind the mountains at 3:45 - how horrible is that :(

  3. Yup, I noticed today that it still wasn't dark at 6:30. Spring is on its way, but first, we have more snow in the forecast...

  4. Heather-6:30 is so stinkn unfair! It's dark shortly after six here.

    Yep - as of Wednesday farley has *just* started to shed! It's annoying at first, but then I get caught up in how beautiful her new coat looks and how awesome her rippling muscles are! Just makes for a lot of horsey laundry in the meantime.

  5. I can't wait for shedding to start! The stalled horses at the barn are starting to shed, but my pasture pony hasn't yet. I know the days (weeks?) of shedding will be here soon, better dig out my shedding block!

  6. What's your favorite sheddingtool? I have a round rubber curry with big fat "fingers" that I love, my pumice block that I use of I have show or something where she needs to look nice for during shedding. I bought a furminator for my cats last season and I'm contemplating trying it out on farley. It's the same as the horse version, just not as wide. Btw I don't think the cheaper versions of the furminator work as well - my boyfriend has the cheaper model and the hair is not removes as well. Expensive but worth every penny to reduce the amount of cat hair on my work clothes. What I need is a closed in hanging wardrobe and then te disciplne NOT to sit or touch the cats before going to work. Not sure how this changed from horses to cats?

  7. haha! I always look like a have cats in the spring time because of the long winter horse hair stuck to my clothes! btw, I used to shave my cat to control his shedding. Plus cat lions just look cool! :)
    My fave shedding tool is a curry comb that I cant find a replacement for. I have thought about posting pictures of it and asking for help... It has the big cone shaped 'fingers' that are great for releasing the clumps of hair but it is rectangular with finger grips along one side. I have seen similar round ones, but I just love the way this one fits in my hand. I also use my bot block (shedding block/pumice stone?) and find that works really well but sometimes leaves a dusty look. Never been a fan of metal curries or shedding blades. I've heard the defurminator only works for animals with undercoats? Seems too expensive to experiment with, let me know if it works for you!

  8. I've tried all the things you mention, and I love the artificial pumice stones the best. I have a furminator, but I think my unwashed winter horse would just clog up the fine little blades of it.

    I have a blonde dog, a black cat, and a white-and-grey cat. I'm totally screwed; there is no color I can buy to hide the hair.

  9. Heather, I have not one but two of those. One is teal and I got it at a tack shop, and one is pink and my mom got it for me for the dog. The dog version is a bit softer. Want one of mine? :) I hardly ever use them!

  10. Funder, that is exactly the block I use too! I have always kept one in my grooming box for removing bot eggs but just realized a few years ago how awesome it is for shedding! I have no idea why it took so long to figure that use out!

  11. Funder, what brand are they? Do you know where they came from? I don't actually NEED another one, but it is the one grooming tool that I couldn't live without and I am paranoid about finding a supplier, should mine go missing! (how sad is that?!)

  12. I'll try to remember to look in my tack bucket tomorrow! The rectangular one with finger grips on the side was the "pet" one, so my mom probably got it online, but it's been years. It's definitely easier to hold than the round one.

    Well at least for me I realized yesterday that it was almost 6pm and not dark yet... I did the lots-of-snow-on-the-ground-but-hey-at-least-there-is-hope dance!

    And, oddly enough, ALL the horses in the barn started shedding in January.... except, of course, MY horse, who in January had JUST started to grow a winter coat in earned. And she had not begun to shed yet. At. All.

  14. I finally found it!!!!!!

    I can breathe easy now! Seriously, someone could steal every grooming product I own and the thing I would miss most and replace first is this curry!


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