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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dressage Show Pictures

Here's some pictures from my last 2 dressage shows. They took place in the same location - Mar Val in Lodi, CA so they look very similiar. All picture credits go to Megan Fontes.

7/18/10 show - Training 2
Actually a very nice picture. My eyes are up. Too much left flexion/positioning, but I'm also not sure exactly what movement this is. I really like that all 4 feet are off the ground and the beautiful line of her legs.

7/18/10 Training 2
I liked this shot. Both of us are concentrating so hard. This was near the end of the test, we had actually picked up both canter leads and we were going in for the final trot down center line! You can see a slight smile on my face - it's almost done! That's Ashley in the background reading my test.

5/23/10 Intro A or B?
I love her tail in this pic, and her quiet eye. Don't ask my why my head refuses to line up with my body, or why my button is undone. And what the heck my hands and toes are doing.

5/23/10 Intro A or B?
Very pretty flowers.

5/23/10 Intro A or B?
Change of rein down the long diaganol. She really went for it and I started to enjoy myself. Would have liked her more through, but for the first time during the test she was truly forward and it was good enough for my first 7 score on a movement at a recognized test.


  1. You both look great! Farley's so business-like, but she still looks like she's enjoying herself. How cool to have a horse that happily goes betwwen dressage and endurance.

  2. Nice pictures. I wish you good luck with horse. Happy riding!!


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