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Saturday, August 21, 2010

what to do....what to do....

I can count on one hand the number of weekends I had to stay home without an event. What to do what to do?

I've dedicated this weekend to "things I should have done a long time ago and didn't"
  • Get Farley on a program where she gets unlimited hay - 24 hours a day (did it last night and it's fabulous. My "system" isn't working so I'm looking forward to the plastic fruit bin my friend is getting me. But for now I'm going out twice a day anyways, so no big deal.)
  • Read "Flicka" - completed last night! What a "different" book. Different in a good way. I loved how the book is mostly narrated through thoughts and was extremely atypical for horse books about the time period it covered (extremely short). The horse didn't grow up and get trained and do something spactacular, the adventure was in the relationship and family conflict. I suppose I should see the movie now?
  • Read "National Velvet" - LOVED the movie (I saw ~12 months ago). I remember trying to read the book as a 4th grader and couldn't get into it. Maybe as an adult it will be better?
  • Watch "The Young Black Stallion" - how could I reach adulthood (although that's debatable....) without watching a black stallion movie?
  • Read "King of the Wind" - completed. Review will be on the newbery blog (
  • do dishes
  • do laundry
  • vaccum
  • Re-shave the cat
  • Finish the vet school personal statement.....*sigh*

A suprisingly horsey weekend for someone with a rehabbing horse! (notice how low the housework is on the list....)

Farley Update: Muscles are totally soft, but the muscle that was very tight is still slightly enlarged as of this morning. I'm taking it as a good sign that 72 hours after the tye up event that she is very close to normal (apparence, I KNOW she's not ready for regular work!). Hopefully the recheck next week will show decreased muscle enzymes and we'll be able to put this incident behind us.

I'm never happy when something bad happens to my horse, but I am always grateful for an incident that makes me reconsider my management practices and whether they could be even better within the circumstances. I've learned a lot through this, which in the long run will make my Farley's life even better and happier. I feel like the first time something bad happens, it's a learning experience - the second time it happens it's time to self examine for a failure on my part from preventing it from occuring again. So, I haven't been spending a lot of time with regrets or kicking myself for things I could have done differently - I'm moving forward and learning. How will she does in the future will depend on how well I've learned and studied from this!


  1. Years from now you'll remember this summer and how much you've learned and you'll be glad to have the knowledge. Right?

  2. Absolutely! I so lucky in so many ways including the fact we weren't at a ride when this happened, we were at home within easy access of a vet I know and trust.


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