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Monday, August 30, 2010

Final, Unexciting Update

Farley went to the vet's today and we did a recheck on her muscle enzymes.

It's been 2 weeks and.....

...the muscle enzymes are totally normal. 137 to be exact.

She looks great - the vet can't believe how much weight she has gained in just 1 1/2 weeks of being on free choice grass. If this keeps up, I'll cut her beetpulp and oil back again!

Over this week and next week I'll bring her back up to regular work - we should be good to go on the Comstock 50 and Patriot's 100!

Another exciting update is that today, after doing a round of fastrack (a physillium based product), the vet could not hear any sand in her gut. He could hear a significant amount of sand 2 weeks ago so this is very very good news. My changes in feeding management should reduce the amount of sand she picks up, which is good - I don't want to have to do fastrack again as the label shows it containing mollassas.

Shall we move on to the Melinda update?

Melinda is also doing fabulously. Although she is sick (again), going on a romantic camping trip with fabulous boyfriend (who is also sick) can't help but put Melinda in a fabulous mood. Even if her vet personal statement isn't done. A fact that should NOT be brought up in her hearing as she just. might. snap. your. head. off.

Seriously though - I've been accused lately of having too much drama in my life. I assure you it is NOT self created. We can use this weekend's trip as an example.

The plan was to take time off together and go camping with another (related through family) couple. Sounds simple right?

Let's review the weekend events.

  • Fortunately Matt and Melinda both got Friday off.
  • Unfornately, the night before leaving they found out that campground they were going to had closed for the season due to repairs on the dam.
  • Fortunately they found a campground that still had openings and made a reservation the same morning they had to leave.
  • Unfortunately, after getting completely set up at the camp and relaxing for 2 hours, some IDIOT started a wild fire 1/2 mile from the campground.
  • Fortunately only Melinda had been drinking (2 glasses of wine) and Matt was able to drive.
  • Unfortunately the other couple we were camping with had not arrived and do not own cell phones.
  • F... the other couple was very inventive and begged a phone call from a stranger and we agreed to meet somewhere and decided to check out yet another camp ground (#3 for those of you keeping count)
  • U...although there was an open spot, the campground was very proud of their camping sites and charge up the yin yang for them
  • F... it had a beautiful lake and Melinda got Matt to (uncharacteristically) go for a walk around the beautiful lake. And Melinda got to learn how to skip rocks.
  • U... Matt AND Melinda were sick with colds the entire time
  • F.... we had stocked up on multiple drugs before leaving town
  • U.... Matt would not allow Melinda to take the said drugs after having a couple of drinks, so Melinda kept Matt up all night coughing.
  • F....Melinda and other camping partners did NOT die in a wildfire, nor did they get eaten by a bear. Or even mauled by a chipmunk. Although squirrels did knock over the cheetos and knaw up a couple of hot "chocolate" packets.
Which brings us to another point about the weekend - guys cook different from gals while camping.

Would you like to know the menu for this weekend? (of course you would....):

  • Bacon
  • Pancakes fried in....bacon grease
  • Potatoes wrapped in...bacon
  • Chicken cooked in....bacon
  • cut up pototoes fried in....bacon grease
  • Hamburgers with...bacon
  • Cheetos
  • Coffee
  • Vodka/Dr. Pepper/Wine/Rum/various beer

I volunteered to make a pie next time. Maybe 2 pies. At least we can introduce an unknown food group - fruit - to the weekend. No guesses on how much weight I gained this weekend please. We'll assume that the calories were walked off on the hike and shivered off at night (it was rather chilly). I'll hop on the scale in....a month or two. If Farley is gaining weight I'm allowed to....or rather, that's the theory anyways.


  1. Glad Farley is back on the right track and things are falling back into your whirlwind normal.

    It is only fair is Farley is gaining weight, you should be allowed.

  2. I was scratching my head for a minute thinking she's going to make a BACON PIE???

    *LOL* At least your life is interesting. ~E.G.

  3. "May you live in exciting times" was never a blessing !

    Bacon pie. Eeww. >g<

    WV: jalwoon
    a little candy treat flavored like bacon.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I don't understand... there's more food than bacon?

    and bacon pie rocks!

  6. I guess there is always a meat pie - my mom gave me a recipie, it's made with all sorts of ground up meats and......bacon!!!!! LOL. Can you imagine they guys faces if I showed up with a pie like that?


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