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Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally good news

Are you ready for some good news? I sure am! Excuse the iPod fumble
fingers. I wanted to update you'all tonight!

This morning when I went out to the stable I thought, for the first
time there might be softening in the muscle. When I went out tonight,
90% of the hardness and swelling was gone, leading me to believe we
have finally turned a corner.

I have never been so happy to see farley's pointy rump! (the swelling
made her look like she had a "full apple" rump, and hid the little
"hunter bump" looking thing she has).

And there's even more good news. I spoke with the barn owner and all
my fears were for naught. Once I explained how it wouldn't be any more
trouble for them and I would take responsibility, there was no problem
at all, and even an offer to let them know if they could do anything,
like turning farley out while I'm gone if that was important after a
race. Part of me wishes I has done this before, but I think I wasn't
ready to handle the responsibility for being solely responsible for
getting the hay and feeding - I wasn't motivated enough, so now is a
good time.

As I mentioned in the comments of previous posts, my vet has agreed to
work with me on the selenium supplement issue. He also is going to use
his contact with Purina and gave someone COME out and do my hay
analysis for me to make sure it's accurate, even though I don't use
purina products.

The lesson learned is honesty is the best policy. Yes, confrontation
makes me uncomfortable, but honest, open dialog is so important with
the people in Farley's life.

Wish me and farley continued healing this weekend!

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  1. Best wishes, health and happiness. So glad to hear all the good news!

  2. Yay! Glad it's all working out, and glad you broke down and talked to people. I totally understand how hard it is to confront people, even when it's super low key.

  3. Very good news all around, and you're right, although sometimes it's hard to talk to people, it's often the right thing to do and usually works out better than (worriers like me and it seems you) expect!

  4. You go Farley Girl!!

    And you too Mel ;)

    Most excellent news. Will keep thoughts and prayers going your way for a complete speedy recovery!


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