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Monday, November 1, 2010

Lake Almanor in pics Pt.2

More pictures because saying "these are the pics from loop 1 - repeat 6x" really isn't sufficient to share the wonders of Farley's THIRD 100 this year, and my ONE THOUSAND MILES with my readers!

Heading out to loop 2. I had hoped to remove rain gear at SOME point....but obviously it was not to be....

Alas, THREE layers of pants (silks, winter breeches, rain pants) was a bit....awkward to mount in. Do you know what that guy on the right hand side of the pic is thinking? "it's only the 2nd loop..."

Coming back in from the second loop (50 mils total). That's Patty and Sam behind me - they were wonderful company for the loop and Sam needed a bit of....motivation. It worked out perfectly as I got to chat and meet another endurance rider!

Farley is wondering whether the application of ice boots means she's done.....

As the cooler is removed Farley is contemplating the fact that just maybe there's another (3rd) loop in her future....

Oh yes there is! Another 25 mile loop in fact. I* puts on a hackamore while Melinda supervises. Farley is not amused.

Off for the third loop (which is yet another 25 mile loop)

OK - so after that it got quite rainy and dark. Imagine another 10 mile loop, another 5 mile loop and then another 10 mile loop.....I decided to walk in with the 2 riders behind me for the last 2 loops. Farley felt good, but I got too cold on the 5 mile loop and didn't feel like trotting because I was starting to get stiff. Why risk a 1000 mile completion with poor riding? Coming into the finish Farley would have really like to pass our 2 companions but I had such a pleasant 15 miles I wanted to finish together.

We all finished together (I think I even crossed the finish line last technically) and vetted together, but for some reason they put me first which put me 8th overall. I guess it doesn't matter - we all finished top 10 and I think I was the only featherweight.

Me accepting the awards. Yes I'm a featheweight! It's the coat! and the hat! and the 2 pairs of pants! Stop looking at my butt....

My aunt's dog wearing a rain coat. Too cute...

The boots after being removed. I didn't touch them the entire race, and this is exactly how they looked after I removed them - no touchups.

Me and Farley the morning after. Farley looked great. How is it that she looks better after a 100 than after a 50?

BTW - this is her new blanket I got in Oregon for her. I sold Minx's so now Farley officially has her own mid-weight in her own ride colors - which is yellow OR a red shade. Yes, the price tags are still hanging off of it.

Another pic of the boots

I think that's going to be it for my ride story! I have a couple of topics to discuss individually - I've figured out why I'm getting sick and I've figured out my food for 100s! I discovered a great deal about staying comfortable in the rain and felt better during and after this 100 than any to date. Farley looked better after the race than midway through, which I'm starting to think is typical for her (and one reason she makes a better 100 miler than 50 miler), and I came to some conclusions about ride vets, Tevis 2011, and the letter scoring system on vet cards. All great topics to discuss over the next couple of weeks.

However, for now I'm walking around with a huge smile on my face. What a way to end the season! I have a 1000 mile patch and Farley is only 150 miles behind me. She has her 100 mile "bronze" award. I should be in the regional point standings for featherweights and I've decided NOT to do 1 more 50 at the end of the month for "insurance". If someone beats me out, than that's the way it is.

A huge thank you to I*, my parents, and my aunt Sharlene. My mom gave me 1000 pieces of Candy corn to celebrate my 1000 mile completion (which is a LOT of candy corn - really makes me appreciate how many 1000 really is) that she hand counted, my aunt gave me a book with a personal message inscribed in it, and my sister (redgirl) sent me an endearing card in which we wishes me a "Happy Halloween" and a "Happy Possible 1000 mile Completion". I*- you were great. Let me know if you need a crew, a trailer ride, or even a horse to ride someday!


  1. Congratulations on your 1000 miles, that's so awesome!

    And I'm going to "out myself" so I can share my crewing experience: I'm the mysterious I* in black who you only see from the back ;)

    First of all, I think every endurance rider should be required to crew for a 100-mile rider at least once. It will give you great insight before you attempt the same, and even if you never try a 100 yourself.

    Secondly, if you crew, you must be in the right place at the right time. Never assume, think twice... I messed up one vet check, oops, sorry Melinda and Farley!
    You also need to know the horse a little bit (and even more so the rider) because everyone does things differently, uses different tack, feed, etc. Learn and practice before the ride so that your rider can relax and walk away without you asking a million questions.
    You should also know the map, the loop lengths, ribbon colors, and be able to update your rider each time they come in. Pay attention at the ride meeting!
    And lastly, when you are trying to stay warm, especially in the early morning hours, don't stand too close to the fire! My clothes still smell like smokey barbecue even after I washed them!!!

    Once again, it was a joy and a privilege to crew for you and I'm proud to have made your 1000th mile a little easier.

  2. Congratulations!!! I'm so glad you made it and that you survived the rain and mud...and didn't have any boot problems! I have been having really great success with my Renegades too -- the strap ons are nice and so much easier than gluing. Be sure to keep an eye out after the wet conditions for scratches.

    I'm sure you more than moved up a bit in the FW standings - you'll do good this year!

  3. Congrats, Mel! You and Farley had a great ride season, and I've so enjoyed reading about your adventures this year.

    Way to go on the 1000 miles!

    And, as always, thrilled that teh Renegades did great!

  4. Congrats on your 1,000 miles!!!!!!!!! That is amazing! I hope you get 1,000 a year together for many years!


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