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Monday, November 1, 2010

Lake Almanor in Pictures Pt.1

I haven't decided how to present the Lake Almanor story, so in the meantime, enjoy the pictures! My crew and friend, I* is a private person, and to respect that privacy I am not posting pictures that show her if there seems to be this person that is in ALL the pics but you never see her, you are right!

I really should let redgirl do the commentary - she is rather good at it (which you know if you follow us in gmail's "Buzz"). However, she is at school right now and unavailable so I'll have to do my best and see what she posts in Buzz! ( if any of you are interested).

Trail shot of beautiful lake. Too bad it was rainy and the light was bad....

The "typical" trail for this ride

Self portrait. Where did all those wrinkles come from?

OK - enough of boring trail photos. Back to the beginning!

Discussing crewing strategies. Very important with six loops....

Critically evaluating Farley's trot outs (or lack of them...)

Me trotting her out for the vet in. She was a bit hot....

Farley beginning to be naughty during the vet pretending not to notice.

A number writer looking at her work with pride....

...and then in disgust when told that I had mistakenly told her the wrong number....

I* trotting Farley out after the first loop.

I* and Father taking care of Farley after the first loop.

Melinda eating after the first loop.....

One of my favorite pictures from the ride!

So now, take all these pics from the first loop and repeat 6 times!!!!!!!

Part 2 coming up!

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