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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mel's first ride

Thought you guys might enjoy some pictures I came across - my very first endurance ride.
My my how far we've come!  This is for everyone who's just starting out, who may be getting discouraged because it seems like I have my act together.
Folks - I'm here to tell you that I STILL don't have it together, I'm just better at hiding it nowadays!  A post coming soon on what I've had to let go in order to keep my sanity and ride 100's. 
(many thanks to my aunt Sharlene from "an unknown Tevis rider" blog who attended my first ride and took these pics!"
PS - if you think the pics are bad - I really should tell you the entire story.  At one point my aunt dumped horse electrolytes on a piece of bread and told me to eat up.....LOL.


  1. There have been a few times (usually around mile 65) that an electrolyte-on-bread sandwich might taste mighty fine....!

  2. I think she had just heard or read about it and wanted someone to test it.


  3. I can think of a few times I might have enjoyed an electrolyte sandwiche myself.

  4. my aunt sharlene was pretty shocked I hadn't packed any human electrolytes, took one look at me during the lunch and shoved this piece of sourough dough bread in my direction with weird green sprinkles on it and told me to eat up. LOL. good memories....


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