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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Website is launched! Introducing Phase 1

Phase 1 of the website is completed!

Goals of Phase 1 were:
*Get SOMETHING up there that is the basic skeleton of the site
*Make it possible for people to start ordering boots
*Get some information on the site about the boots so that people I'm talking to and referring to the site have a place to go.

I'm hoping to be completely done by the end of the month, however if you are interested in seeing what's up so far, head on over to

I'm (of course) not entirely happy with the look, but as this is currently my part-time project I don't have the time to make it exactly how I want.

It's been a great learning project - I've never done anything with the web besides this blog, and that's a far cry from building a website. I would encourage everyone to do a website at least once in their lives - it certainly gave me a better appreciation of the beautiful websites I visit every day.

The blog address will remain the same for now. You will notice that this blog is linked from the title page of the site. Blogger fits my blogging needs better than anything else I could come up with right now.

I welcome feedback on the site! I've already found some grammer/clarity issues I will be correcting with phase 2, as well as some "housekeeping" (naming the sites so they don't load as "page03" etc.).


  1. Neat site. Great work so far!

  2. Wow, you've put a ton of work into it! Looks great.

  3. thanks for everyone's kind words. It's definitely been fun and it gives me a winter "project".

    I hope to have some really exciting stuff up soon like my Tevis videos, conditioning resources like trail maps and ratings for local trail systems, along with my recommendations. Yes, the site will sell boots (hopefully!) but I really feel strongly about providing my fellow-endurance riders with a collection of resources so we can all advance the knowledge of this wonderful sport....


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