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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My first Goodbye

This afternoon I had my first goodbye.

To my wonderful farrier. He's trimmed and shod my horses since I moved here. He's a great farrier who never stops learning, and is easy to talk to. He did a great job on the horse's feet.

I hate goodbyes. I usually manage to wiggle my way out of them and exit out the back door without actually having to go through the process of saying goodbye.

You know what I like best about blogging? I don't have to say good bye to any of you just because I'm moving. Our relationship isn't going to change, just because I happen to blog from Live Oak instead of Turlock.

I have a feeling that being able to say a proper and gracious goodbye is just as important as a proper and gracious thank you, and to get good at it, you need to practice. It won't improve if I avoid it.

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