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Friday, May 6, 2011


I know a bunch of you read Mugwumps, but did this statement stand out to you of you the way it did to me?

"When she (the horse) starts the day with the same attitude she ends with you’ll know you’re getting somewhere,”...

Felt like I'd been hit between the eyes. In this case the horse starts out bucking and twirling, and ends quiet with her head down. I'm lucky that Farley usually offers me a good attitude/behavior in the beginning of a ride that is at least as good as the attitude we end with. Occasionally there's an...interesting start, but for the most part I don't have to "ride out" my horse to get the horse I want. BUT, I won't always have that. The revelation that I've really got somewhere with my training when the horse starts the way they ends (in a good way) was a bit of a revelation. Probably a sad statement. Probably obvious to all of you. But we all know I'm easily amused.

For those of you that don't read mugwumps, here's the link.

And if my html linking is being's the acutal link:


  1. I've got two that are there, and one that's a long ways from there - a work in process. Very good and insightful post by mugs.

  2. The post by mugs is great. Thanks for mentioning the article.

  3. I was struck by the same sentence...and took Fiddle out today with it in mind.

    And you know what? She started the day exactly the way I wanted her to start it!

    (now, if only we could do that when there are other horses around....patience, patience)


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