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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Puppy prizes!

I'm finally getting caught up on some of the important things in my life (getting that PPD test read, address changes...) and can start on some of the fun stuff! Like mailing out the prizes for the puppy name contest winners!

Aarene and Carolyn (my mom) jointly won the puppy naming contest with the suggestion of "Tess". They will each recieve a copy of the "A Horse Farewell" and a dog toy (one of Tess's current favorites - but in a new/non chewed and slobbered on version). Yes, Aarene, the purple one is yours.

"A Horse Farewell" is a poem that my cousin, Karla Thompson, wrote and illustrated. She was with me the night I euthanized Minx and that experienced inspired this poem. At the urging of family members, she recently had the book printed and it is available for sale. I think it's perfect as an "extended sympathy" card when a friend loses a treasured horse, with perhaps a personal written note on a blank section. Now - neither of my winners have lost horses (my mom would have first OWN a horse - but since the author is her NIECE, she will probably enjoy the book regardless), but I wanted to share it anyways. Feel free to regift the book as you feel led.

If any of my other readers would like to get their own copy of "A Horse Farewell" for themselves or a friend, e-mail me and I will give you Karla's contact information.

Thanks everyone for participating in the contest! The names you came up with are absolutely awesome and don't be surprised if you check back in a decade and I'm continuing to use names off the list!

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