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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In which I am very hot and I am learning patience

I have made a goal. By the end of this afternoon, I will only have 400 unread posts in my Google Reader queue. Currently I have 669 posts. 269 to go. My progress would be slightly more EFFICIENT if I didn't have this antiquated piece of JUNK that keeps giving me the spinning pinwheel of death approximately every 30 seconds and lags behind my typing by at least 3 words. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! It's tiny available memory (600 MB left....) is struggling to have 3 browser windows open, and heaven forbid I accidentally pull up my dashboard expose and have IT take up memory.

I am truly reading to use this 2005 ibook as a shotgun target except.....I HAVE to buy the computer that the vet school gives me - which isn't available until JULY, so I am FORCED to practice COPIOUS amounts of patience.

All dogs are in their kennels, obstinately because Tess is a puppy (and thus kennel time is GOOD for her), Reed is an idiot (ate cat poop out of the litter box), and Harley is hairy (and I am sweaty) - but more likely because them being in their kennels is somehow part of my patience learning process?

Anyways - the POINT of this post was the share a mugwumps post for who knows how far back. Unread post #670 to be exact, in my Reader.

For all you aspiring college graduates - here's an example of a GOOD personal statement that incorporates horses. I've volunteered as a personal statement reader for aspiring vet students and let me tell you - there's a LOT of ways to get this wrong.

One reason I think I liked the statement so much is because I could identify with it, and I wonder how many college reviewers will too. I didn't have a traumatic event that caused my fear and insecurity issues - rather it was a long string of things I witnessed - a couple of thefts that I witness (and stood there like a dumb person) has caused me to become obsessive about locking doors and vehicles and very conscious of security. A theft can happen in a flash and I don't want to have regrets. I get jumpy about meeting people on a street - either coming up behind me or coming towards me. I can scare myself silly in no time in the dark - I can start running just because and in about 3 seconds it goes from me running for fun, to me running from something totally imaginary. I am very good at freaking myself out. One reason I don't watch TV much is because things I see visually stay with me and then come back to life at inopportune times in regular life. I'm easily startled. I'm an extremely cautious and consiousitious driver.

I could identify with her and her horse, breaking through those bounds of fear and insecurity and doing something crazy. I thought she did an excellent job and it sounds like she got into CSU Fort Collins! Way to go and best of luck.

Back to Google reader. And possibly to let Reed out of the kennel. His panting is driving me insane - apparently when one eats cat crap encased in silicone absorbent litter, one despretely needs a drink.

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