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Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's raining it's pouring...

If there was ever a year to miss a season of endurance riding, this was the year to miss.

Record rain fall this weekend (that would because it's June, folks. It doesn't rain in June....), Tevis moved to October due to enormous snow levels in the upper elevations (Ski areas will be open until July), and no end in sight to this highly unusual, unstable weather pattern hitting northern California.

Not watching the weather reports for an upcoming ride.

Not worrying about heat training and how much mud is "too much" mud and should I opt to pull.

Not worrying about tornado touch downs while I'm on the XP ride.

Instead, I'm staying home, and, well, not doing much of anything besides chasing after the puppy. Because I have this thing. You all know my "thing". The lack-of-sunshine induced stupor that causes me to be inordinately sulky. And non-productive.

The most productive thing I've done is to convince the boyfriend that he needed to weight train by tossing a bale over the fence to Farley, and then I refilled her water.

Yep. That's the 100 mile team you've all been following the past couple of years - a rider who is too lazy to feed her own horse and a mare that is perfectly content to stand in the middle of a round pen and much hay......

Technically I could write you all sorts of exciting posts about how me and Farley are braving the weather to get back on the trail once again! But let's face it folks - it's much more fun to ride in nice weather. And darn it - I DESERVE nice weather after a season of rather marginally insane wet 100's. So instead I'll spend these wet days under an easy up watching a brother graduate, going camping, and buying a 5th wheel RV (more pics and a full update next week if I end up buying it - sale is contingent on a couple of things). And training for Pebble Beach. And NOT getting hurt and incurring medical bills. Yep- all good things. And of course, visiting Farley every other day to throw her some hay and refill the water and perhaps rotate her through a different pasture or two. Maybe even scoop some poop. Yep - exciting indeed. And I plan to stay very dry while doing so.

Cute puppy pics tomorrow. I promise. It's tough because she's fast and moves at breakneck speed - a white blur-which is not so good for coo-over pics.

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