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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

RunAmoc Update

As I use a product that I have previously reviewed in a novel way, I like to update my readers on the performance!

The RunAmoc has performed very well for me in the past. Previous review can be found here.

Since that review, I wore these on a 10 mile hike that I did while camping with a fellow blogger. It was at a brisk pace, over a technical single track, and besides my feet getting atrociously dirty, I was very pleased - and surprised how they performed on the trail. No slipping, my feet weren't sore, no rocks got inside, and my feet didn't seem as tired at the end of the day.

I have been a bit skeptical of using these on any real hiking trip because although they perform well enough day to day, I wasn't sure how my feet would feel in minimalist shoes carrying a 30 pound pack. The 10 mile hike was enough to convince me it was worth a on my recent jaunt up Pikes Peak, I decided to put them to the real test.

Now - I'm not stupid. I lashed my tried and true hiking boots to the back of my pack. If I ran into any problems, I would change out.

Day 1 we headed up to Barr camp - no issues. Nada, zip, zilch. I was really really surprised. It almost felt like I had more energy returning up my leg and each step was easier. I moved lighter and easier on the trail. I never tripped or stumbled. I used them both with socks and liners, and barefoot depending on the temperature.

On day 2 I changed into my hiking boots. It was going to rain during our hike and I wanted the assurance of waterproof footwear - and I wanted to see whether my feet would feel better, worse, or the same in the hiking boots. The pack was much lighter on day 2 (~6 pounds), and the hiking time was going to be about the same.

My feet hurt the most on day 2 - they felt tired. Each step made me feel tired. I couldn't wait to change back into my RunAmocs at camp. We later went on a short little hike out of camp and I wore my RunAmocs - thank goodness. I had been too tired coming into to camp to even think about adding another mile to the day - but I found that the RunAmocs let me move so much more efficiently over the trail that my feet actually felt better after doing the short hike in them.

Based on my experience, on Day 3 I switched to the RunAmocs for the hike down. My feet didn't slip inside the shoes, I didn't have to worry about banging my toes in my shoes, no blisters, no pain. My feet have NEVER felt this good after a hike.

I buy good hiking boots that fit and there's still a place for them in my life - but I'm totally sold on the RunAmocs. I spend a lot of time on my feet on a daily basis, and at the end of the day, I can tell whether I wore my RunAmocs that day, or one of my other pairs of shoes.

There are cons to any product and like I said in my first review....I still find them butt-a$$ ugly....but I've decided that people will be too busy looking at my beautiful new pierced ears to even get to my feet. Now I just need to figure out how to ride in them! Maybe these stirrups? Soft Star has recently released 2 new version of the RunAmoc line. I'm interested in trying them - it looks like improvements were made based on feedback they got from their users - however I'm hesitant because of the price and I know that this model works for me. These are not cheap alternative to shoes!


  1. They are not as ugly as the basic Crocs. I think you focus too much on them.


  2. Sharlene - I had mom look at the website and I think you have the roo's model?

    Dad - I kind of like how crocs l look! And they can be made cute with little pin thingys that you put through the holes. Maybe that's the problem - I need to decorate these shoes!


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