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Friday, August 19, 2011

Tevis 2010 Movie posted

The Tevis 2010 movie for Team Faubel has been posted on the website! Here's a direct link, or go to

Again - many thanks to my brother Tristan of Fuzzy Productions for producing this. It's a very special momento of a very special moment in my life.

A note about the "on site" interviews you will see in the movie.

As my family knows, there are 2 things that I am *almost* unreasonably grumpy about -

1. Taking group pictures. And then standing there for picture after picture after picture. And being micromanaged by the photographer.

2. Asking me "how do you feel/how are you doing" during an activity that is stressful, tiring, and difficult. At the very least this will get you glare. "Look of Death" really.

In regards to number 1, you probably has noticed that most of the pics posted of me here are "un-posed". I don't mind a camera as long as I'm not asked to smile or alter what I'm doing. I just ignore it - which is actually good for film.

One change that Tristan wanted in 2010, was to be able interview me during the ride. We preplanned what he would ask and when he would ask so that I could mentally and emotionally be ready to divert my focus from the ride, to the interview. He got ONE take and was allowed to ask me how I was doing or feeling ONCE. He did a fabulous job considering the limitations that I put on him!

PS - I should mention that I have yet to watch this final I'm posting this while in class (naughty Melinda).


  1. The video looks great, Mel! Love the behind-the-scenes look at your ride...really captured a good sense of what was going on, and a great addition to your ride story.


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