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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas recommendations


The book "Endurance 101" by AareneX is one of the items that I will be strongly recommending on my "what to get the horsey person in your life" Xmas list --> and because I'm afraid that she's going to completely sell out before my final is over and I get my post up, I wanted to share this here in case you are interested.

I have the ebook version and I absolutely love it.  Beautiful pictures, funny, easy reading, AND a bad idea fairy, whom I'm pretty sure lives at my house and regularly gives me advice. 

Here's the Endurance 101 info if you want a PHYSICAL book.  The ebook is available as well.

Quantities are limited and operators are standing by!

Okay, there aren't actually operators standing around anywhere.

But it's true that a limited number of real-paper-and-real-ink copies of Endurance 101 are now available for delivery in time for the holidays. Readers told us that they wanted a print edition for themselves and to give to friends and family, and it's ready at last--and the readers who wrote to us get the first chance to order.

Do not delay:  we expect the first printing to sell out quickly, and the second run will NOT ship until January 2013!

Details and the buy-it-now links are here:

Laughing all the way,
Aarene Storms, author, Monica Bretherton, photographer, and all the friendly folks (plus the wheelchair dog) at Triangle Ranch Communications

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Mel! We've sold about half of the first print run already (it's been, um, three days so far) so I encourage folks not to wait around if they want that book under the tree on December 25th. All the books from the first printing will be autographed.

    This author stuff is a lot of work...but it's a bunch of fun, too!


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