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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New things

So I know that it's been dark and lonely over here for my poor readers so in the interest of not having you'all go away, I've torn myself away from my studies long enough to compile a (probably 10 item) list of new things that are going on and general annoucements.

1.  Yes, the Christmas gifting list is coming.   I swear.  It's already half written.

2.  I've added a pet to the zoo.  Meet Connor - a green cheeked conure (fallow mutation).  It hurts me everytime that I describe him as a conure, since that is a made up classification for the pet industry and no relevance whatever, and regularly lumps birds together that aren't related (like Sun conures).  Connor is a birthday present from my boyfriend and is quite the little sweetie pie.  I feel like my "pet life" is complete - 1 horse, 1 dog, 1 bird, and a cat (technically Jonah is half my cat, but I always knew that since I decided to live with Matt, he wouldn't be living with me ever again permanently - so my remaining cat is Mickie).  Each animal interacts with me in a different way, and fulfills a different need.  It's quite neat.  Matt is a huge bird person so yes, it's my bird, but not in the way that Tess and Farley are "mine" - ie Connor is a joint project :).  You probably won't here too much about Connor here since this is a horse/endurance blog - but the news is new and exciting and thus I post :)

3. Winter break starts after my final on Friday!  This is the end of a very short 2 week block on dermatology and thus a lot of information was thrown at us in a short amount of time and I'm scrambling to assimilate everything into a framework that makes sense.  Which is why there is a blog vacation.

4.  I haven't seen my horse for, like, FOREVER. I haven't ridden in an eternity.  I refuse to feel guilty about it.  She's in good hands at the boarding place, and once I get on winter break, I'll be able to go out and see her and ride.  I'm in vet school, and likely even as a vet, there will be periods of time that are busier than others and that I will be able to spend less time that I would like with friends and family, so as long as I'm making accomodations for the needs of my animals, than everything is still fine :).  For example, if clinics takes me away for a couple of days, I will need to make sure that Connor is socially taken care of during that time, my cat will be fine, my horse is fine, and as long as Matt and the other dogs are around, Tess is fine. 

5. I have decided that I am not overly found on human doctors and the human medical industry.  Not only can their patients talk and TELL them what they feel (and yet they still don't listen), I'm increasingly frustrated by the politics, bureaucracy, and insurance concerns that can prevent a diagnosis and treatment. 

6. I'm about 95% sure that Tess is unilaterally deaf.  It's very likely based on her coat color genetics and explains a lot of odd consistencies in how she reacts in various situations that are visual versus auditory and requires triangulation of sound over longer distances.  It doesn't matter in every day situations usually, but has impacts in our off leash training, and some of the other "performance" type things I want to do where very often it's a auditory signal without a visual component.  I could have her tested to make sure, which would cost ~$200 as a student here at the VMTH, which I may do at some point when I can afford to be curious, but for now I'll just keep it in the back of my mind when we are working together. 

7.  I've been posting pics and some shorter items on Tess's blog.  If you haven't been there in a while, go over and check it out.

8.  Jonah is still up for a 6 month foster.  I've gotten some inqueries, but no commitments.  A lot of it is the holidays --> people are travelling etc., so understandable.  Gotten a few questions on why I can keep my dog and not him.  He's 50% my cat, but essentially I gave him to my parents a year and a half ago.  Currently I'm fostering him for them until they find a new place in Redding --> however the originally reason I rehomed him with my parents still exists --> him and my boyfriend don't get along.... --> and the situation has escalated to the point where someone else needs to foster him until they can find a place, probably about 6 months. 

9. My brother and I have agreed to get up early on weekday mornings and have a cup of coffee before going to work/school and just visit for 30-60 minutes.  It's been great and a really special time.  Life is always changing and I really try to appreciate the small things at each stage.  I may wish that I was riding more right now, but there are other opportunities available that are more transient than my reduction of saddle time.

10.  I'm really having to stretch this to make my list reach 10 items!!!!!!!!  What else new is going on.......I have multiple saddles for sale, (belong to my Dad etc and selling them for him), including a leather/synthetic combination Big Horn saddle with a horn.  So if you are looking for a saddle as a gift this Christmas, let me know.  Currently looking to sell an Aussie, the Bighorn, and another leather older western saddle (***All the westerns have horns). 

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