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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the second day of Christmas.... true love gave to me!

4 broken bones, 3 cracked ribs, 2 bucking fits, and a new home for Faaaarrrrllleeeyyyyyy.

Just kidding. 

In a rare moment of lucidity I decided the better plan was to turn out and then lunge the horse I haven't ridden in 4 (6?) weeks and ride tomorrow.   So instead, I present to you, way more than 2 things to get that equestrian or horse lover for Xmas in your family. 

1.  Aarene's Endurance 101 book of course!!!!!!  I have an ecopy and I'm REALLY enjoying the read.  Beautiful pictures, equally fun to both read and browse.  And of course, a big fat purple "Bad Idea Fairy" that seems silly until you realize that one of it's relatives has sat on your own shoulder far longer than you care to admit. 

I know that a few days there were still a few print versions of the book left from the first printing, but they were going fast.  The ebook is also fabulously pretty and really well laid out, but there's something about having a cold hard copy in your hands! (or your friend's hands). 

Still need some convincing?  Google "Endurance 101 book aarene" and see all the book reviews that pop up on it!  I don't have one listed here as that is goal #2 of the winter break (the first which is to finish the entire first season of Fringe....) but honestly, why are you waiting for a poorly worded, unfortunate attempt at wit from me to make your decision?

Check out the book's webpage:  You don't want to miss pictures of Jim dressed up at Santa!!!!

2. Natural hoof medallions. ( Yes yes yes I know I've plugged this one before --> but truly I'm in love with the jewelry designs.  I'd a love a necklace or bracelet in the stainless steel design, a symbol of my true love when I'm not on the back of my endurance (or ride and tie!) horse. 

3.  Something from the artist Laurie Pace.  (  Art is personal and all that, but seriously, how this women paints horses is magical to me.  I'm not hugely drawn to art, and even less so to art that isn't strictly realistic, but somehow this women paints horses how I feel about them.  My favorite piece of art by her is "Moonlight over the River" which sadly doesn't have a print and at 5K I'll never own the original (which was sold to a private buyer), however there are a few prints that are quite nice, even if they don't capture me quite as much as "moonlight".

4. A hoof pick.  One can never have too many.  I have dozens.  Where was one when I needed it last night?  I have no idea.  I need a fold up one that fits on a key chain.  I know where my keys are.  Most of the time.  Ummm....make that 2 keychain hoof picks.  One for my keys and one for my spare set of keys....

5.  An online subscription to some sort of media thingy.  Us horse people need something to distract us when we can't/won't/refuse to obssess constantly over our equids in these all-too-short daylight days.  I'm quite fond of amazon prime since I prefer TV shows over movies --> shorter, which is nice for my shiny object syndrome.

6.  New trimming tools.  One of my clients took the time to show me exactly what she uses to trim her horses feet and of course, now me-wanty-new-power-tools!!!!!!!  The dremmel is fine......but if I had the money this is what my trim kit would consist of!

Ryobi right angle grinder P420
Ryobi lithium batteries P104 and charger
For grinder disc: Diablo or other brand 5" x 7/8 arbor 24 grit sanding disc
Norton disc backer for 5" discs. Measures 4 1/2.

May all of you have a very Merry Christmas, and I want to here what my horsey friends get!!!!!!  What gifts past or present (or hopefully future!) would you add here for that special horse person?

I published a list of gifts for the 2011 season sometime in January 2012, so if you are a desperate shopper-for-that-horse-person check that out, and any other ideas others might add here or on their own blogs :).

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