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Friday, December 7, 2012

I which I may have had too much caffeine

Oh Lordy it's that time of the year again.

Why have I now lost a total of 8 pounds instead of 12? (so says I as I stuff yet more cookies in my mouth...)

Ah yes - dark days, cookies and..........KITTIES


Ok. So maybe one thing isn't like the other in the above sentence (can you tell the shiny object syndrome is raising its squirrel like head here)

And in related news, can you tell what lecture I had this morning? (coat color in cats)

And also can you tell I have self medicated with caffeine (AND CINNAMON ROLLS THAT WERE MINATURE!!!) in order to focus on the test this morning AND combined that with a beer and fish and chips in a post-test celebration an hour ago!?

Oh yeah. Today is NOT the day to explain the wonderful histologically beauty of the hoof.

I fact, I'm pretty sure one of my study partners got a slightly more animated version of skin immunity than she bargained for when doing some subject review before the test.....

And in a completely off subject (oddly related since there IS a picture of a kitty in this post...) thought...anyone want to foster a Siberian forest bred cat for six months until my parents find a house? I'm pretty sure either the boyfriend or the cat are going to come to mortal blows in the next week or so unless I can remove one of them. Why do I mention breed like its important? Because there has to be a very special place in your heart in order to ummmm...APPRECIATE this particular breed of cat......

Christmas list coming soon! Want a preview of one of the must buy item? That would be Aarene's endurance 101 book naturally! An absolutely must have for you and ten of your friends. Check out her blog or do a Facebook search. More specifics coming.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Mel!

    The e-book is now available through the website: Print copies will be available there VERY SOON, keep checking the website for details.

  2. I found a kitten on the side of the road yesterday morning while hauling Cartman into Longview.
    I thought she was black, but now I actually see a slight bulls eye pattern on her side- but she's not a tabby! I've never seen one like this before.

  3. What's wrong between the two of them???? He is a lovely kitty ... sometimes. I could check with the apartment people and see what it would take for me to have a cat at my place :)


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