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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blog roundup!

A TON of really good blogs in my Reader today and not enough time to formulate entire posts on the subjects, AND ride this weekend, AND finish my homework, AND run, AND play with my puppy.

So instead, I'm posting links for you to do some neighborly visiting to some other blog and to participate in the discussion.

Funder on types of reinforcement used during training.  For my opinion, see the comment section.  And for more on this subject check out Funder's earlier post here.

Fugly posted on equipment use.  Which reminded me that I was going to do a blog post on equipment use in endurance and the importance of understanding what each piece of equipment you chose does, how, and why you are deciding to use it.  For example......nosebands.  Do I ride with one in a dressage ring?  Yes.  (a simple cavasson and fairly loose).  Do I ride with one on the trail?  No.  Because on the trail there is not need for the purpose that a noseband serves, and it is actually contraindicated - I want the horse to freely eat and drink - something the noseband does NOT allow and so in my opinion it has no place in my endurance tack.  I once asked someone (just curious ) who was using one at a 50 mile ride why - to see if I had maybe missed something in it's function and they shrugged and said "I always ride with one".  Not a good enough reason for me.  Sometimes you make compromises for safety - does my horse eat better without a bit?  Yes.  Does she always behave in a hackamore?  No.  So she gets a bit until she's going to be a good girl.  My advice for any endurance rider would be to examine their tack and equipment that they put on the horse and make sure that they know why they are using it, and that is serves a purpose.

Grey Horse Matters is a lesson to us all :).  I LOVE my comments and couldn't imagine how I would feel if I had deleted them.  Head on over to GHM and let's start "replacing" some of the comment love she had.

Mugwumps posted on conformation and I must say....I agree with her approach.  Another blog post in draft form right now is my evolution of thought regarding back yard breeders, blood lines, confirmation, and purebreds.  I've done a couple of 180's over the last year or two with both horses and dogs and it's worth going through.  So....until I get around to writing that post (yes, you may insert jeopardy music here), check out this post and give it some thought. 

And....I'm reminded why I'm so happy not to board right now.  My problem wasn't irregular feeding hours, but the amount of hay - I hate having the "feeding/hay" talk.  I must admit that my feeding times are a bit irregular, but as Farley has hay in front of her the majority of the day, and space to move around, I don't anticipate any colic problems.

I started reading a new blog recently and this is a good post - really like a writer that lets a little personality shine through :). 

I adore riding the beach and have many good memories of riding on the beach - my first gallop, my first bareback gallop, my first bareback gallop in a halter......Laura posted a great post on beach riding and it's worth a read.  It's not all effortless, galloping with your hair in the wind.  Which reminds me - can you believe I've never taken Farley to the beach!?  Looks like I won't be either - but I'm OK with it. 


  1. Thank you, Mel. I'm glad you enjoyed my beach ride post. If you ever come this way with Farley, get in touch. We can ride together.

  2. What, you don't want to canter Farley in the deep sand? YOU WUSS! ;)

    Good roundup!


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