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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tight's update

Got my new tights in the mail today and they are BEAUTIFUL.  And so comfy.  Except......

Apparently my much beloved pair are the "low rise" version.  The pair I ordered are not.  It's not that big a deal, except they use a wider elastic band on the low rise version that I find much more comfortable.  For a $100 pair of tights that I will be wearing a substantial amount of time, it's worth it to have them be as perfect as possible. 

So, I'm returning them for an exchange.  Turns out that the return procedure for Tropical rider is VERY easy.  Go to the website, fill out a form, and put on the form what you want them to send you. 

I was looking forward to using them for a ride this weekend, so it's a bummer - but I'm sure there will be a lot more rides in the future of these riding tights. 

I pulled my old Tropical riders out of the washer to compare the fit and confirm they had the wider elastic waist band and I was surprised how faded they are - the thigh portion is a completely different color than the hip and lower leg!  And the fabric is so thin.  And there's a hole in them I hadn't seen before - probably because I don't make it a practice to stare at my nether regions as I ride down the trail. 


  1. I HATE new stuff ... for just that reason. It's difficult to replace your old stuff with an EXACT replica. I frequently by things in twos for just that reason. And I agree ... for that much money, send 'em back and get what you REALLY want.

  2. I bought my original ones used so I wasn't sure of the specifications - the ad said they were "black" and they ended up being carbon, so I'm not sure whether I would have trusted the specs even if it HAD come with them. Although I prefer a low rise for most of my pants I have to be careful because I have a big bum and low rise CAN equal not enough material in the bum and then there is unfortunate gapping :).

    I HATE HATE HATE clothes shopping. And I should probably follow your advice and just buy 2 when I find something I like. In the last couple of years I've stopped buying used as much and have been buying new of things that I REALLY like (usually because I got them used in the first place). It still doesn't go perfectly (as shown by this post) but at least I get a lot closer. I did that with a set of jeans right before I went to vet school and was VERY happy for it. Comfy clothes are an absolute for me - have been ever since I was little - so I tend to wear a very small number of pieces over and over, no matter how many pieces of clothing are actually in closet. And trust me - wear them until my family is BEGGING me to stop for the sake decency!

  3. Oh mercy, do I remember a certain pair of jeans...
    I loathe clothes shopping too. The constant undressing and dressing, the mirrors everywhere, the lurid lights, the unsuccessful hunt for the style and color you want, but in YOUR size. Uggh.

  4. Hey Mel, I have been following your new tight adventures, and thinking that they look pretty good. But I'm wondering... how breathable are they? I haven't managed to find anything that makes me sweat less than a really old (favourite) pair of cotton/elastane jods, that of course are no longer made... I bought a pair of Kerrits BreatheTites, but I'm still looking! ;) I've been told to get Skins (compression tights), but I'm after something with a full seat. What are the Tropical Rider Enduracool tights like in hot, humid weather? :)

    1. I wore the tropical riders during Tevis and they are my choice for hot weather. They have never chafed me or made me hot. The company is out of Florida, so I assume they know about hot weather! I don't even feel they are on in the summer. The new ones are a bit thicker than my old ones - but I think it's due to how used my old ones are. I don't remember my old ones, even when they were brand new being sweaty. I do like their fabric a lot - doesn't pill or become rough, and resists snags and when they do get a hole in them - the hole doesn't run, it stays small.


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