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Monday, February 20, 2012

A different look at endurance

Of the top running horses out there in international competition, Monk is my favorite.  I don't plan on competing at the FEI level - just not my cup of tea, but this post on Monk's blog is a facinating look into that world.  Chris does a great job both narrating and telling the story through photographs, of what endurance look like a different setting. 


  1. That's a cool blog! I can't get over how much the FEI set up reminds me of TB racing. Quite a different scene from our local endurance rides.

    You can certainly tell those are equine athletes though- they look like racehorses.

    Is there any money involved, like purses?

  2. That's a good question - I don't know whether there's money involved or not. I don't believe so in the united states, but the races overseas may have purses. If I find out something, I'll post it. I'm not sure how the finacials work at that level except ot know that I can't afford the passport fees, much less the competition fees of competing at that level!


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