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Friday, February 17, 2012


Never have a read such a succinct, fabulous post on fear:

Those long term readers to this blog know that I deal with fear and anxiety in a variety of forms, and I've worked hard to work my way through the mental forests that pertain to various horsey situations.  I understand if you are scared to ride but because it's so much a part of you can't stay off a horse.  I understand being paralyzed by fear or having significant levels of anxiety because a of certain theoretical situation that might happen.  I get it.  For me, it's not about getting rid of that fear - it's managing it to a point where I can still doing the things I love - like galloping, and riding 100's, and riding in the dark, and doing crazy things on horse back - which are actually extremely calculated risks that have been built up slowly, with me totally in control (or at least, as in control as I need to be to keep the demons at bay). 

It's about flooding your brain with so many good experiences that the bad ones become an anomaly.  It's about not pushing too fast too hard.  It's about getting bored and then deciding to step it up to the next level on your terms......It's NOT about ignoring the fear, pretending it doesn't exist, or deciding you can never do what you love.  Want to ride and are scared of your horse?  Buy the most dead-broke, boring nag you can find.  I see so many people that are overhorsed because they wanted a young, big, horse with a lot of personality and flash.  And now, they are confused and scared and doubting that they ever loved horses.  And let me tell you - horses are FABULOUS.  Horses are my lifesaver.  Horses are extremely special and touch the heart and soul and imagination in a way that no other animal does.  Life is too short not to experience that passion  - decide where you need to start today in order to ride like you want tomorrow. 

Going out of town for a couple of days - have a great weekend and I'll see you'all on the other side of a fabulous 3 day weekend.

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