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Friday, February 24, 2012

If horses were people.....

This post is so funny - I think the one that got me giggling (in the middle of class no less....) was this one:

#10:  If a woman didn't like a man she would scream and kick him.

#11: If she did like him she would scream, kick him and then pee on the floor.


  1. LOL too true! Herd drama is better than Bravo TV.

  2. I think vet school is the best possible place to read that - even the non horsey people are likely to vaguely understand it, and they can chime in with their own favorite species! I think there's a lot of promise for a cat version, actually: all they do is sleep, sniff each other's buttholes, and hiss for no reason. Except if you like the boy cat you have to let him bite your neck, ow. (I'd much rather scream, kick, and pee on someone.)


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