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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

*Drum Roll* please

Two very important things happened today.

*Drum roll please......*

1.  I reserved my hotel room for the AERC convention.  I've been going back and forth about whether to go or not.  I don't have school Thursday, but I have school on Friday - including a cool neuro lab where we get to bring our own dogs in for a neuro exam.  AND I have a MAJOR test (ie - a final that's worth 50+% of my block grade) on Monday and Tuesday.  However, since the convention is Friday/Saturday, I have all day Sunday to study.  Not to mention the networking opportunities for both career and personal, and a SERIOUS motivation boost for the upcoming season is just too much to pass up.  One concession I am making - I am not prebuying my tickets.  If the weather is terrible over the pass, I'll cancel the rooms and not be out the ticket price - which is worth the extra ten bucks I'll pay at the door.  Cross your fingers it doesn't snow.  And I pass my test afterwards.  And I come up with enough disposable income to buy a little something at the convention for myself :). 

2.  I bought a pair of tights.  Tropical riders, in navy blue, with a deer skin patch.  I was briefly tempted by the extended patch, but because I sleep, ride, and do yoga in them, decided that the regular patch (which is longer than a lot of other brands) would suffice.  I'm so excited!!!!!!!!  I got in ALL my rides and ALL my runs since penning them in and I'm incredibly excited to be back in the saddle.  I was SO TEMPTED to get another pair of carbon....but it just seems wrong to own 2 pairs in the same color.  :) 


Because somehow those 2 important questions are a FAR bigger priority than how the autonomic nervous system works and all that pharmacology terminology that whizzed right over my head in the last couple hours. 


  1. I swear I'm going riding tomorrow. I skipped Wednesday's hills cause it snowed, and I skipped today because I really wanted to get something done on the floor, and I've got like two hours work to finish laying the kitchen and THEN I'M RIDING!

    It won't snow, this is the year of no snow.

  2. I too am going riding tomorrow! Even though to do it I have to do it BEFORE school which means I need to be in the saddle by 7am and back out of it by 8am. I can and WILL happen.

    And I will not die because Farley will be too surprised to be ridden at some awful morning hour before breakfast that she won't buck. Hopefully.

  3. Nah, you're right, she'll be too appalled by what's happening to do anything about it! Have fun :)

    Hate the new two-word captcha. :(


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