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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Buck Meadows CANCELLED

Yep - no fifty miler for me this weekend. No renegade trial before Desert Gold at Thanksgiving.

So here are my options:

1. Try to do the Oroville LOVE ride which is also Saturday.

  • Con: 2.5 hours away. It's suppose to rain the day before and the day of the ride. I am gone all week - only arriving home shortly after noon on Friday. I'm nervous about her tying up after a week off. She never has....but it doens't mean it couldn't happen. I felt I could manage this risk better at buckmeadows because I had done the ride before. If I don't do this ride, that's $100 to put towards a show or ride in the future.
  • Pro: I know the area really well - I condition there a lot. It's 20 minutes from my parents. It gives me the opportunity to try out the boots - however if I lose a boot it's not barefoot friendly. I was hoping to earn another mileage patch before the end of the season. Without this ride, it's not possible.

2. Condition this weekend and possibly go for an overnight backpacking trip.

  • Con: I'm bored of most of the trails in my area. I don't get to trial the boots at a ride. It is doubtful I would feel comfortable asking for 2 days at Desert Gold if I don't do a ride this weekend.
  • Pros: Saves Money, I can tailor each day to how she and I both feel. If I day trip each day, I can do varied terrain. I can sleep in. I can wake up with furry kitty cats nestled around me each morning.

I think you can guess what I'm leaning towards. Still, I'm dissapointed. The ride was wonderful when I did it last year and I'll definately support it when it's rescheduled for this spring.


  1. I say do the LOVE ride...if she were not is such good shape I would understand your fear, but she is. And you were already going to do a ride the same day. Plus your parents do live close by so that is always a good thing. Do whatever you want but I hope it is the LOVE ride!

  2. I've had this internal debate soooo many times...but NEVER over a ride only 2.5 hours away. Most of the rides in my region are 5+ hours. I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven with one so close.

    That said, I recommend that you check your mare's hydration and "look in her eye" on Friday night. If possible, take a short ride in the afternoon evening before the ride to see how she feels.

    Mileage patches are good, and I've got a big handful of them, but if you are fretting for 50 miles it's no fun. More better to drop down to a shorter distance and enjoy the day.

    Yeah, I wish I'd done this once or twice in the past. Sigh.

  3. Completely agree with AareneX - I've learned to hard way to listen to my gut.

    I called the ride manager and left a message that I was considering coming. I offered to forgoe dinner because of the late notice. since I'll already be paying the entry fee, I don't have to decide anything until Friday night.

    Your plan is a good one - evaluate Farley on Friday, take a test ride at ride camp and if I don't like what my gut is telling me, I'll either drop to the LD or I will rider option.

    Since I never know what will happen next week or next month, if my horse CAN do the ride - I should. I won't regret it and we will both be better for a nice, relaxed ride on "home turf".

    Still thinking it over. As I am on a caffiene high right now, I'm thinking that a ride is a WONDERFUL idea, even if it's pouring rain!!!


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