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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Since my trainer was out with the flu yesterday, it's up to me to find a revelation in life and horses without the help of her lesson this week.

"It's an interesting phenomenon where horses lose body weight as fast as humans (ie "me") gain it. Also vastly unfair is the related phenomenon of how long it takes, and how consistent you have to be to put weight back ON a horse, and OFF a human (again, ie "me")".


  1. I know your going to hate me for saying this, but I don't have any problems either way! I lost weight on accident once (I know that sounds wierd!) when I had a super busy summer starting and driving my two mini's. I just wasn't eating enough to keep up with my bodies demands. I now have to make sure I eat since I often forget or just put it aside. Really its more unhealthy then being a little bit over weight.

    And for my horses, as long as I am actually trying to put weight on them, they gain weight pretty easy.

    I know thats probably not what you wanted to hear, but figured I would throw out there that not all humans and horses are created alike! Hehe!

  2. yep....and it gets worse as both categories get older....

  3. I have no ideas why my name is coming up that way on your comment blog.. how weird...

  4. You have just summed up my two year battle. Horse getting too skinny, rider getting too fat.

    If you battle with that now, just wait until you are 50! You just finally pick up the white flag and start waving...~E.G.

  5. my horse stays too fat in the summer do to the over excellent grass at our ex-diary farm stables. I look forward to the winter leaness. My boy is already looking oh so much better. Come January, I will have to begin the battle but right now we have extra to burn.


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