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Monday, November 30, 2009

Revelation # ?

OK - I am officially sick. As in call-into-work-sleep-until-noon sick. And of course ride the pony. Because let's face it, unless I'm on my death bed, paralyzed from the waist down, I AM going to go see the pony.

Which led to yet another (lost count of which # this is....) Revelation.

#??. Reins pull AND push.

So in my post here I mentioned that I was suppose to work on pushing Farley into the connection as my homework.

Today I played with that connection and it was amazing. I can pull on the reins....and I can "push" with the reins. "Pushing" is different from the horse pulling.

Within a very short amount of time Farley was going "long and low" around the arena. I experimented with how far she could stretch down over the bit.

Playing with the connection for 50 minutes was probably the most fun I've had in the arena for a while.

Which is ironic - because to someone watching it looked like I was *just* wandering around for 50 minutes.

In reality - I was communicating with my horse on a level that we've never communicated at before.


Because I was sick, the session went like this. Work for 15-20 minutes. Walk past the rail where hot tea was waiting. Walk around arena on loose rein while Melinda sips tea. Put tea back on rail and continue working. I liked it so well I think I will incorporate tea breaks into all of my sessions.....


  1. Tea while riding... sounds like you have mastered "English Style"!!

  2. English style, or Endurance Style! Being able to multi task on top of a horse is a great endurance skill :) Feel Better Mel :D

  3. Tea breaks. Why haven't I thought of that?

    (actually, I have been known to pack a thermos of hot tea on a long ride in winter...but in the arena? Positively CIVILIZED!)

    And yes: Of course you will go see your horse even if/especially if you are ill.


  4. Hehe! Mel your one of the oddest people I know! And what is really scary is that your so much like me!!

    I hope you feel better soon! I never stay home from work when I am sick, so getting sick really sucks for me.


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