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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Post-race update

After the 50 miler last Saturday, Farley looked the best she has ever looked after a race. That has continued into the post-race recovery.

Farley has always filled on the fronts after a race, especially on her left front (old bow). This was the FIRST race that there was ZERO filling afterwards. Amazing! This was not an easy race with all the rocks and the trotting downhill - I would have expected filling based on her past history. The only thing I did differently at this race in boots.

Riding more regularly because of dressage also could have contributed, but I think the major factor was the boots. (Based on conditioning graphs of previous races versus this one - really you don't want to know how much of my day is spent number crunching - I'm addicted).

A true experiment would be to put shoes back on her for a similar race, remove them for the next one, etc and try to establish a pattern, but honestly, I'm not interested. If she continues to have zero filling after races when being rode in boots, the proof will be enough for me.

I just wanted to share because this is a major victory for me - If she continues to have zero filling after races in boots, I probably do everything possible to stay in boots, as this will be enough proof for me that her legs appreciate the boots.

Karen Chaton (see her blog on the right) reminded me to continue to check for any cracks or scabs on the pasterns for a couple of days post-race. It's possible that the heel captivators on the renegades could contribute to scratches. So far everything is clear.

I've decided to do only one day at Desert Gold. Looking at the conditioning graphs, I've decided that doing 2 days would be too much and it would mimic a trend that happened the beginning of this season that resulted in her being slightly off afterwards....I want to avoid that! So she'll get another easy 50, before I look for 2 days of 50's in one weekend.

BTW - I forgot to mention. A side "benefit" of dressage has been improved athletism at the beginning of the race....did I mention that Farley was canteing in place? She has NEVER been capable of this particular "feat" before dressage......Highly inappropriate for race start, but cute nevertheless.

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  1. hehe...."cute"
    Farley is always cute...espec when she decides to be disagreeable towards you :P


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