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Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 MORE things that make me happy

Apparently in the spirit of the season, Endurance Granny has decided to to "regift" me the blog award I gave her last week. really.....

Here's 10 MORE things that make me freakn' estatic about life these days.

  1. Hought's tack. My boyfriend ordered me a new bridle for Hought's, and had it shipped (expensively) in time for Christmas. Unfortunately the size he ordered was not what was shipped. Gail Hought got back to his e-mail in HOURS responding she would mail a replacement on the 2nd, after she returned from the Death Valley ride. A bit of a bummer, but these things happen. I got a call from Matt yesterday - the bridle arrived on SATURDAY. What great customer service! Gail must have overnighted it on her way to the Death Valley ride, braving the Christmas rush at the post office. The bummer is (of course) I was at Matt's house on Saturday, but we didn't check the mail. So now I have to figure out how to get the bridle from him before this weekend....

  2. Pony feet. and the fact that even after all these changes, they still fit into the (very expensive) renegades I bought her.

  3. New starts and new years. Live simply and live well is the 2010 goal.

  4. Good wine. I have had a lot of good wine the last 2 weeks. Good wine is such an experience - to be savored and to be shared with family and good friends.

  5. Knitting. Especially socks.
  6. A good book. The kind where the author puts words together so brilliantly, it's art. It isn't necessarily a book that will keep you up at night, but after reading it, it changes a little part of your life and how you view the world. Top of my list: Tess of D'ubervilles by Thomas Hardy.
  7. A fun book. The kind where you stay up ALL NIGHT to finish it, and makes you giggle outloud when you are all alone in the apartment on the couch. The kind you will probably never read again, but provides complete escape while in progress. This book is best viewed in a hot bath, or while snuggled on the couch under a blanket and with a couple of kitty cats. The kind of book you DEVOUR on holiday breaks while in college. Currently on my couch (on top of the blanket and heating pad): Jim Butcher's series.
  8. Shooting clays. And getting a good shot. Honestly, shooting clays is the only shooting sport that satisfies my patience (or impatience) level. "Pull!", bring the gun up, take the shot. All done in less than 5 seconds.
  9. An organized tack room. Need I say more?
  10. A perfect day. Sleeping in until I decide to get up. Follow that with a nice relaxed run, then seeing the pony. Cook something delicious while knitting and watching a show on DVD. Eating dinner over a good book. Then perhaps practicing a new song on the fiddle. Somewhere Matt, Family, and Friends fit into this day. And church. And Endurance. And Dressage.


  1. I love shooting at clays. I say shooting at because I miss a whole awful lot - but look on the bright side; I get to recycle the clays so sometimes I get two or three throws per clay!

  2. I LOVE an organized, neat, clean tack room! it is the only thing that i keep clean :)


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