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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quick update

We schooled in the arena today and picked up both canter leads very nicely. Have we passed over the hump in regards to cantering?

The rump rug performed wonderfully today. I put it down for our warm up - walk, trot, and canter - and it stayed absolutely put. No shifting to the side. After the warm up I was able to pull it up, one handed in gloves, at a walk.

I started rinsing beet pulp today. Number one reason I know it had a lot of sugar in it - Farley no longer likes her beet pulp mashes......The rinse water was QUITE dark. It looks like rinsing/soaking 3x is the key for this particular batch. I rinsed and soaked for ~1-2 hours today, until the water was clear. Tonight, I put a batch to soak for tomorrow. I changed the water out until it ran clear, so I'll see whether it stays clear by tomorrow. If it does, I will conclude that soaking 1-2 hours is as good as soaking overnight to get rid of the molasses. To rinse the molasses, I bought a wire waste basket from Walmart. It was a bit pricey (~$9), but it is the PERFECT size to fit in a 5 gallon bucket, with a lip that pokes above for easy grabbing. The lip is flush with the top of the bucket, which means the lid for the 5 gallon bucket fits on top of the soaking beetpulp. I'll pay a bit more for perfection....

I finally bought a slicker brush (from the pet store) to clean my woolback pad. I've been getting away with occasionally spraying it down and scrubbing with a plastic brush. The slicker brush does and EXCELLENT job of getting the hair out and fluffing the pad.

And lastly....I confirmed with Action Rider Tack that I need a new Haf pad :( Mine is worn out. Good for short rides, but probably shouldn't do a 100 in it....And I finally figured out what to ask Matt for, for Christmas. A snap on bridle that will snap to my rope halter, with side pieces short enough to put clips on, so I can clip the gazzillion different bits/hackamore I have for endurance on it, depending on Farley's mood. He is to chose the color if he decides to get one for me.

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  1. indeed u know when u have clean beat pulp, when the horses don't like it :p

    Thats great about the rumprug!


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