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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2010 Goals - Finally!

For 2010 I will divide my goals into 2 sections -

  • Those goals that I should reasonable attain, and...
  • Those goals that are so far out there, even my sisters (who apparently believe I'm capable of anything - and I mean anything) are going to avert their eyes in shame.

Realistic goals (or "unfun" goals):

1. Complete first 100 mile ride

  • Trust me - this doable. If I don't get this one knocked off the list I need to do some serious self-evaluation.
2. Start doing training level dressage tests at shows

  • This will be accomplished because I cannot imagine it being any other way. If I have to compete at intro level for an entire year...I just might snap and murder myself in my sleep.

3. Earn my 750 mile AERC patch

  • For the readers not familiar with endurance: Mileage patches are awarded to riders at 250 mile intervals (races over 50 miles only) for the first 1000 miles, than at 500 mile intervals after that.
  • Starting the season I am at 475 total miles. Which means I'm not even going to dignify getting my 500 mile patch as a separate goal.
  • This should be a no brainer if everything goes well.

4. Get Farley to 500 AERC endurance miles

  • Farley is at 325 endurance miles (same program as the riders described above, except horse mileage patches are awarded at 1000 mile intervals). Farley will be halfway to her first medellion

5. Complete a 3-day 155 endurance ride

  • I have Wild West in mind. She completed 2 days there no problem, so picking up a 3rd day shouldn't be a big deal.

6. Compete at a recognized dressage show.

  • Again - a no brainer. The harder goal would be to break 60% on every test I do......we'll call that a "sub-goal". A 60% or better on a training level test will get me a cool little certificate thingy from CDS (California Dressage Society).
7. Don't go off course even once during a test

  • Very Doable. I just need to NOT be a dingbat during my tests.

8. Don't get lost at a ride (this should be a fun one)

  • Every year I get seriously lost at an endurance ride at least once. As in, must ask directions from the biker dudes camping in the desert, lost. NEVERMORE for the next season. Again, not behaving like a dingbat should get me this goal.

9. Help mark or take down ribbons on a ride. On horseback. Karen makes it look/sound so glamorous!

Super secret, unrealistic goals........

1. Earn my 1000 mile AERC patch

  • Ha! like that is going to happen. When was the last time my ride season went as planned....that's right...NEVER.
2. Compete at the regional championships for adult armatures at training level

  • Yeah....I think I'll just keep my head down, try not to think about it, and nail a 60% + on ever test this year....then I'll CONSIDER taking this goal seriously.

3. Start schooling first level dressage in the fall.

  • That would require either a) a miracle in which Farley discovers her "inner" dressage self or b) a lot of hard, consistent work. Not sure either of those two things are going to happen. Let me revise - NEITHER of those things are going to happen....but I can at least shoot high right?

4. Go barefoot all year

  • This goal scares me to death. Yep, the paperbag is making it's appearance again....I'll take it ride by ride and see what happens.

5. FINISH Tevis

  • By putting it on paper, I instantly drop my chances of completing from 50% to ~0.5%. That's why it goes into this category.

6. Get Farley to the bronze level of the 100 mile incentive program

  • AERC is launching a 100 mile incentive program this year.
  • The bronze level is the first level and requires that a horse completes 3 100-milers in it's lifetime.
  • I think Farley and I could do 2 next season. I'm unsure of the that third one....


  1. At 6:51 a.m. The goals in the second column are there because the journey there is the real goal. Now I'll prepare my goals list. It's like New Year's resolutions, but early to coincide with the AERC year! Sharlene

  2. Excellent goals! Your dressage ones are makeing me nervous though because you called it dressage level one. My dear dressage queen in training it is first level, not level one. What do you think we are? Jumpers :P And love your goal of thinking about GAIG championships! You will need 2 scores of 63% or above at T-4 at a recognized show from 2 different judges. I think your milage goals for endurance are great and that your goals for the year are fantastic...I wish I knew what I wanted to do next year...

  3. These goals sound really doable! I'm going to have to get on making my goal list as well! I finished my first 50(!!!) this weekend, so I have a ton of enthusiasm for next year right now!

  4. Ah come on Melinda! You can do ANYthing! You are like super girl!
    Your sister,

  5. Tevis needs to go on to the realistic side Mel! You can do it!! haha, notice i have left it unsaid on my blog, but i think people that have met me or talked to me know :)

    Zach :)

  6. I think that more of these are realistic than you think ;-)

    I also know that in endurance, the most reasonable goals in the world can get derailed by something really minor. Therefore, I offer for consideration one more goal:

    "I will not be discouraged by setbacks in 2010, but will use them as training opportunities for successes in the future."

    I've been using that one for years. It helps, some. (Especially for the past two years that I haven't been able to compete AT ALL...but 2010, I have milage goals again!)

  7. On the bit...I have changed the wording for the dressage level. *wannabe dressage queen hangs head in shame*. :)

    Aarenex - what an excellent goal. I think I will post that one in the trailer. Along with JB's comment earlier in the year about there being more at stake in endurance than bruised egos. Maybe I'll have to start a sidebar on the blog for outstanding comments?

    Thanks everyone for stopping say the least next year should be interesting.

  8. Revised mileage goal for Farley. I looked at the program in the EN this month and there is no 500 patch for endurance miles for horses, only the 1000. So we won't be getting on this year, but I can still be half way there!

  9. I just found your blog...I love your goals. Esp. the super secret category. I never thought about doing endurance and dressage together...but why not? could be very complementary. maybe I'll develop my own super secret goal! endurance! I do dressage with my arabian, so I'd be the reverse from you. but again, why not?

  10. Welcome horsie pants!

    I think endurance is a great compliment to dressage (and vice versa).


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