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Monday, December 14, 2009

Hoof breakthrough part 1

So the excuses continue - this will just be a short update post because I don't have the time/energy for more blah blah blah blah. Like I commented earlier - that light at the end of the tunnel? That was the train headed for poor naive me. Like the coyote chasing the Road Runner and after the anvil hits him on the head and you think there can't possibly be comes the piano.

I admit it - I've been in a crappy mood all day. All weekend actually. I got a chance to ride this afternoon and found myself annoyed by two things, almost unbearably:
  • The jangling of the curb chain on Farley's bit
  • Farley stumbling in holes because she's not paying attention.

Then a gravel truck (double trailer) passed us, from behind, in the lane beside us, at 50 mph and shifting gears...and my little pony never even flinched. I decided that THAT was going to be the highlight of my day - that I had such a wonderful pony.

Of course that was BEFORE I walked her, on foot, 2 miles home. She just didn't feel right and I could tell she wasn't "into" it today. When she talks I listen, so I dismounted, took off her bridle and we walked.

It was not as enjoyable as it usually is - I was late for work AND I had to walk - no jogging. I had run 2 miles a couple hours earlier and cramped so bad at the end I had to resort to sitting down on the grass beside the road and pretend nothing was wrong. It took me 30 minutes to traverse the last 1/4 mile home. I was so not doing that again.

Stay with me - this post has a point.

As I stood at the stable with her, ready to leave for work I had a revelation.

Maybe she had thrush?

It's been very wet lately. it was a possibility. If it WAS thrush I was feeling very smug about noticing her very slight soreness. Just call me "connected to my pony". *self-preening*. Suddenly walking home on foot was more than just a gut feeling - there had been a reason and I had LISTENED to my pony. *more self preening*.

There wasn't anything obvious, but I kept digging and poking, and prodding.

Finally I found it - the flap of her frog came up and there was some thrush hiding out there.

Then something even more exciting happened.

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