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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Revelation #?

Do not practice the sitting trot in jeans. Period. Even if they are the most comfy jeans ever.


  1. Haha! I have! But riding pants are just better!

  2. lol! try it in jogging shorts!! i did it when i was waiting around at an eventing competition, and it takes some skill that i didn't have that summer :)

  3. (scribbling it down)

    okay, got it. thanks!

  4. hahaha....i would have LOVED to see that...

    ...but that's partially b/c I'm related to you and sadistic :)

  5. Zach, I don't understand how men can EVER sit the trot. EVER!

    I was a pro at sitting the jog, and I highly recommend only sitting the [diagonal two-beat gait] on a WP-type horse. ;)

  6. lol funder you
    a) where a cup!!
    b) those english seat savers, the ones that come in gel and padded, you MUST have one of those!!

    and since when your jumping 4 feet in a hard english saddle, you already where a cup...

    and notice how i said i did NOT have skill that summer :'( very painful

    I guess i learned not to goof around at 3 day events while waiting for my friends to go, they found it very amusing... i did not


    found this and thought of you!


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